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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Why Should Never-Trumpers Re-Evaluate Their Position?

            The 2020 presidential election has presented a dilemma to many people, none of which are supporters of Donald Trump. Most of the people who supported Trump in 2016 are still supporting him. Many people voted for him to stop Hillary Clinton, and they hoped that he would be the better of the two choices. I voted for Trump because he promised to nominate judges and justices that were constitutionally oriented. I had no idea how he would perform in office, and I am pleased to say that he delivered more than I ever expected. In fact, he is the first president in my adulthood who kept most, if not all, of his campaign promises.

            The dilemma for many Americans, particularly Never Trumpers, is that they are faced with voting for empty-suit, socialist puppet Joe Biden, not voting at all, or voting for Trump. Typical Democrat voters – such as Blacks, Hispanics, and union workers – look at Biden and what he offers and then decide to vote for Trump. Many of the people in the middle – such as conservative Democrats and independent voters – are also moving into the Trump camp.

            Honest Never-Trumpers are a harder case to crack. They are intelligent people who can see the “writing on the wall” with Biden, but they swore an oath to never vote for Trump. Do they vote for Trump with the recognition that making the oath was a dumb thing to do, or do they vote for Biden and look like idiots? There is only one other choice – not voting, and it is an unpatriotic thing to do. It is probably safe to say that some of them will not vote at all because they cannot get past their hatred for Trump. (I suggest repentance!) In this blog post, I want to give Never-Trumpers a reason to vote for Trump, particularly those who believe that life is sacred from the time of “conception to natural, dignified death.” 

Just as I voted for Trump for the sole reason – other than my dislike for Hillary – of his promise to support constitutional judges and justices, I hope that I can convince others to support him for his achievements in safeguarding life. Here are some of the ways that Trump safeguards life from conception to death.

·         He is the first president in 39 years that has not sent our military into war because he does not believe in endless wars. He has used the military to stop aggression, but he did it without starting wars. He has a policy of using strength to deter attacks, and he has been successful in using it. How many lives have been saved because of his peace through strength policy?

·         His administration is working with numerous countries to create more harmonious relationships. Trump was able to stop North Korea from threatening to blow up America. His administration worked with United Arab Emirates and Israel to broker a peace deal, and with Serbia and Kosovo to normalize economic relations between them. A side benefit is better relations between Kosovo and Israel. How many lives will be saved with more peace in the Middle East?

·         He reinstated and expanded the life-affirming Mexico City Policy, now known as the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy. This policy “ensures that American taxpayers do not fund international organizations that perform and promote abortion overseas.” The new “policy does not reduce funding for global health assistance,” but it keeps American taxpayers from subsidizing “nongovernmental organizations that do not respect innocent human life.” How many babies owe their lives to this change?

·         Under authority from the Kemp-Kasten Amendment, the Trump administration is withholding “funding for the United Nations Population Fund. This fund is complicit “in violating the rights of Chinese women and men by aiding the Chinese government’s coercive population control policies.” Millions of dollars once going to the fund are now “redirected to other maternal health programs.”

·         With two regulations, the Trump administration gave relief to individuals and organizations who objected religiously or morally to an Obamacare mandate that “requires nearly all insurance plans to cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraception. Under the mandate, people “are forced to violate their sincere moral or religious beliefs, pay steep fines, or forgo offering or obtaining health insurance.” Cases are awaiting appeal after “federal judges in multiple states” blocked the “implementation of these rules.”

·         His “administration rescinded an Obama-era guidance that interpreted Medicaid’s ‘free-choice of provider provision’ to restrict states from excluding family planning providers that also provide abortion from state-run Medicaid programs.”

·         Trump has worked relentlessly to secure the borders and stop the hordes of people who are streaming into the nation. One of the benefits of building a wall along the border is better detection of human and child traffickers. How many children are saved from death or sex slavery because the borders are more secure?

In addition to the above ways that the Trump administration protects life, federal officers are going into violent cities, like Chicago, arresting members of gangs and other violent offenders, and getting them off the streets. How many children can sleep safety in their beds or enjoy time with their families because the criminals are off the streets?

            I hope that Never-Trumpers will look for the good in Trump, his policies, and the accomplishments of his administration. I encourage you to look past his coarseness and look at what he is doing for America. If nothing else, you should be able to support him because he unapologetically loves America. With all the bad going on in the world, we need a President who loves America and Americans and fights to Make America Great Again. 

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