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Thursday, December 17, 2020

How Did Biden Get 80,000,000 Votes While Other Democrats Lost?

            The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns the fact that the media-forecasted “blue wave” did not happen. I expect that sometime in the future, evidence will emerge to show that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide. Will it happen in time to save the nation from a Biden administration? Time will tell, but my gut instinct is yes. Neither Joe Biden nor his so-called incoming administration do not act like they are about to take over the most powerful nation in the world. In addition, Kamala Harris has not yet resigned from her seat in the Senate. If she feels secure in the win, she would have done so by now. Also, there is no talk about a Senate race in California. Something is not measuring up!

            According to this site, the Republicans won numerous seats that Democrats expected to win. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi anticipated adding seats to her Democrat majority, but she barely hung onto the lead. Cook Political Report rated 27 House seats as “toss-ups” in the 2020 election, and Republicans won all 27, plus flipped about 14 seats from Democrats to Republicans. 

            Democrats also expected to flip control of the Senate to their party. Cook Political Report rated seven seats in the Senate as “toss-up” races. Republicans won five, plus four other races that were “leaning” Republican. The last two “toss-up” races are in Georgia with that election slated for January. The Senate numbers at the present time are 50 to 48 in favor of Republicans, so the party needs to win at least one of the Georgia races to hold a majority.

            The national elections were important, but the real damage may have been done on the lower part of the ballot. Democrats hoped that their “blue wave” would loosen the Republican grip on redistricting that takes place next year. Democrats did not pick up a single state legislative chamber but lost both the Senate and the House in New Hampshire.

Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight statistician, was quoted as saying that Republicans won “almost every election where redistricting was at stake.” He added, “Republicans are set to control the redistricting of 188 congressional seats – or 43 percent of the entire House of Representatives. By contrast, Democrats will control the redistricting of, at most, 73 seats, or 17 percent.”

Fred Lucas, in an article published by The Daily Signal, reported that the Republicans “held onto majorities in all 59 legislative state chambers it controlled going into the election, while winning state House and Senate majorities in New Hampshire and flipping the Alaska House of Representatives.” He added that the state races “could be most consequential for the next 10 years, not only in drawing redistricting maps, but also in setting agendas in state capitals. 

The Republican success in Congress and on the state level begs the question of “How did Biden get 80,000,000 votes, and so many Democrats down the ballot lose?” Biden, the man who supposedly received more votes than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history, drew a crowd of 15-20 people when he went to Georgia to rally voters for the Senate races – and he coughed through most of his speech.

             Biden knows that he did not win the election fair and square. He knows that he did not receive 80,000,000 votes. He also knows that few people will come to his inauguration – if it happens – which would be embarrassing, so, he is telling people not to come. Now, when no one shows up, he can say, “I told them not to come.” He is an empty suit, and his so-called election win is a fraud. He knows it, and 75,000,000 Americans know it. 

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