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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Will the United States Come Together or Be Destroyed?

             The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday is a question: Will the United States come together as one country or be destroyed by another Civil War, by invasion by a foreign enemy, or by a combination of domestic and foreign enemies. The United States survived one Civil War as well as two World Wars and numerous other wars. However, none of the wars with other nations took place while the Civil War was being fought. The situation may be quite different now because China appears to be attacking our homeland while the nation is divided politically and the federal government not working.

            From the results of the 2020 presidential election, it appears that half the voters support socialism while the other half strive to protect and preserve the Constitution. If this appearance is true, the United States is as divided as it has ever been since the Civil War.

            At the same time, China is attacking in numerous ways. The United States and the world are struggling to control the COVID-19 pandemic that started when a coronavirus escaped a laboratory in Wuhan, China. We do not know if China released the virus by accident or on purpose, but we do not that the world has paid a great price for the Chinese virus.

            The current political circus can be directly traced to COVID-19. The Democrats used the crisis in the nation to send out millions of ballots and to prepare the stage for election fraud. There are several states that ended the election with more returned ballots than there are voters on their election rolls.

            This week we learned about yet another Democrat member of Congress being linked with an agent from China. A report from Axios said that suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang or Fang Fang helped Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California) fundraise beginning in 2014. Fang also placed one or more interns in Swalwell’s congressional office. This report causes concern for numerous reasons with the main reason being that Swalwell has a seat on the House Intelligence Committee. His record show that he sometimes opposed the practices of the Chinese government – except when President Donald Trump also opposed them.

            In addition, CNN and other mainstream media sources have started to report on the legal troubles of Hunter Biden and James Biden, son and brother of Joe Biden. The press release from Hunter Biden suggested that the current federal investigation is about his taxes. However, other sources say that investigators are also looking at money laundering. The Biden family is apparently as crime ridden as the mafia with Hunter and James fundraising off the Biden name with Joe’s permission. One of Hunter’s business colleagues told Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden has been “compromised” as far as China is concerned.

            Dennis Jamison wrote about the numerous “waves of attacks” that China has launched against the United States. He wrote about COVID-19, Hunter Biden’s problems, the effects of COVID-19 on the 2020 election, and others. 

All of these examples provide greater clarity of a bigger picture regarding China’s attack upon our people individually, and attacks upon the American way of life, and attacks upon the federal government. Democrat-run, anti-Constitutional states from one side of the nation to the other initiate or support this. Of course, there is much more to the assault from China, and it is important for citizens to do their own homework regarding how much more aggressive the CCP has become in recent years. There are many other questions that stem from paying attention to the CCP’s intrusion into our internal affairs. The most dangerous way seems to be covertly manipulating certain individuals in universities, spying upon or outright manipulation of government leaders, and possible manipulation of our 2020 election with Chinese-made components for voting machines.

One key thing that gives Chinese officials a need to pause is the strong American sense of independence and absolute defense of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights. But unfortunately, it is also what may cause the CCP leaders to approach the destruction of the Republic from multiple clandestine fronts simultaneously. However, citizens should not take this occasion to harden their hearts towards the Chinese people, as they are not the ones orchestrating multiple assaults upon our nation. Citizens need to learn the truth by doing their own research and by “connecting the dots.” True citizens need to be vigilant in this turbulent time.

Citizens who truly love the Republic and the principles it was founded upon, need to understand the Civil War that is raging in the nation at this time. They need to discern whose side any given “American” politician is on. It is possible some have already sold their souls to the devil. Vocal support, or “lip service” to the bedrock principles of freedom is no longer acceptable in light of the misinformation and disinformation flying from one end of the nation to the other. Americans need to use a proper “measuring stick” to discern who our real enemies are in such a time. We need to demand that our leaders apply the bedrock principles of freedom to other governance.

The election is a serious case in point. How many states violated the Constitution in their own exercise of voting procedures in their states? It is absolutely true that we need to come together as Americans and reunite after this election. But, it was a debacle, and purposefully so. True American citizens have a genuine opportunity to unite with the patriots who love this country, to stand together in union to support only those who support the bedrock principles of freedom. It is the time as Ben Franklin wrote so long ago: “Unite or Die!”

            The Trump administration has been attacked for more than four years by Never Trumpers, Democrats, and the Far Left. Many of the three groups are part of the Deep State, or the Swamp that Trump has been trying to drain. The entrenched elites are constantly attacking. They get beaten back one place, and they attack in two other places.

When will American citizens awake and see that secret combinations – domestic and foreign – are trying to overthrow our government? The many instances of fraud in the 2020 election should alarm all Americans. Anyone willing to cheat openly in front of us will be willing to do even worse behind our backs. The Communist Party of China is our enemy, and the Biden family is doing business with them. What can go wrong?

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