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Monday, December 28, 2020

Who Are Mat and Savanna Shaw?

             My VIPs for this week are Mat and Savanna Shaw, father and daughter recording artists. I chose them for this week because I like their story. It began early in the coronavirus pandemic when Savanna wanted to share some music with her friends. Her plan was to start an Instagram account with a recording, but she was nervous about singing by herself. I think that it is cool that she asked her father to sing with her, and he did. To me, this shows a wonderful father-daughter relationship in which they are comfortable with each other.

The first recording was done at their dining room table, and their first song together was “The Prayer.” They made the recording, and Savanna posted it. They were both shocked by reactions and responses they received. They enjoyed singing together, so they kept recording and posting videos. In the past ten months, they recorded two albums, performed their first arena concert, and became internationally famous. At some point along the way, they started using a recording studio. They were recently interviewed by Virginia Allen at The Daily Signal when Mat made the following comments. 

But the reason I think we wanted to take that a little further into an album, two albums now, we just got so much positive feedback from people who, during a very difficult time, they seem to listen to the music and their heavy hearts were lifted.

And the feedback we got was really remarkable. It made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives. And maybe it was just because it’s a father and a daughter and it reminds us about our relationships and those we love the most during a time where maybe we’re not able to be with them. I think it struck a chord.

But we just thought it felt like a heavy responsibility, kind of, to use our music in a positive way, to really help a world that was struggling at the time.

So that’s why we wanted to do that, is share hope, spread joy through our music from a simple dad and a daughter. And that’s where it kind of led to, is making those albums, if that makes sense.

            What I like about this story is that it is about two ordinary people – a daughter who wanted to stay in touch with friends and a father who loved his daughter enough to sing with her. Now, they recognize that their music is helping many other people, but they are humble enough to be shocked at their success. Not only that, but they also involve the family in making their new business a success.

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