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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Why Do Some People Prefer to Lose?

             When Donald Trump was campaigning in 2016, he promised that America would win so much that some Americans could get tired of winning. It appears that half the nation grew tired of winning because they voted for a real loser who will stop the winning in America – just like the previous administration. Some people cannot handle success, and other refuse to acknowledge it.

            The United States had the greatest economy in the history of the nation and the world before China sent the plague to us. Despite shutting the nation down to save lives from the coronavirus, the economy is coming back quickly. The latest report on jobs shows that Trump’s policies of fewer regulations and lower taxes works like they are supposed to do. Cal Thomas in an article in The Daily Signal had this to say about the Trump economy. 

The November jobs and economic numbers were released last Friday. According to a tweet by the Council of Economic Advisers, a U.S. agency within the Executive Office of the President, which advises the president of the United States on economic policy:

Despite newly imposed lockdowns by States and local governments, the unemployment rate has dropped 8.0 percentage points since April. As of November, there were 4 million MORE Americans with a job than what the [Congressional Budget Office] in July estimated would occur at years-end.

This recovery is phenomenal by any objective standard, if objective standards exist anymore because we are so polarized and no longer seem to listen to each other.

November also posted strong gains for minorities, the Council of Economic Advisers reported, “as nearly 70 percent of job losses by Hispanic Americans and over half of job losses by Black Americans have recovered.” …

The Council of Economic Advisers also reported, “The construction industry has recovered 74.2% of all pandemic job losses as of November. Nearly two-thirds of all job gains over the past seven months occurred in relatively low-wage sectors vulnerable to shutdowns, including retail, leisure & hospitality, and education and health services.”

            Thomas emphasizes that his record on economy should have been enough to get Trump re-elected if the lamestream media had given Trump even half the credit that he deserved. If Biden follows through on his pledge to raise taxes and reinstate the regulations deleted by Trump – especially if he spends big on the Green New Deal -- Americans may have to get used to losing once again.

            This may not matter to a large group of Americans who do not recognize winning when they see it. They continue to deny the many great accomplishments of Donald Trump with the roaring economy being just one of them. In recent months, Trump brokered four peace deals in the Middle East – the first peace deals in more than 25 years. He spearheaded and master-minded the production of vaccines to fight COVID-19, accomplishing in less than a year a task that usually takes five years or longer. These deniers may one day be faced with posterity who get in their faces and ask, “What in the world were you thinking when you refused to vote for Donald Trump. He is one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States!”

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