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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

What Are the Costs of the Fighting in Afghanistan?

            The last member of the United States military left Afghanistan before midnight on August 30, 2021 – about 19 years and 47 weeks after they entered Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Approximately 800,000 Americans have served in Afghanistan over the past nearly 20 years.

            The Joe Biden administration botched the final exit from Afghanistan – much like they have done in every other single thing that they have done in the past seven months. The presence of Americans in Afghanistan has kept America safe from terrorist attacks for 20 years. The military has been successful in this mission. After all the successes of the military, the civilians in the Biden administration surrendered to the Taliban, the terrorist group that now controls Afghanistan.

            There have been many complaints about the cost of the equipment that Biden left in Afghanistan. The failure to bring out the equipment will damage America for many years. However, the costs of being in Afghanistan has been many times greater. According to Emily Crane the costs of Americans being in Afghanistan are as follow: 

·         Deaths of U.S. service members from the Afghanistan war: approximately 2,400.

·         Wounded Americans from the Afghanistan war: 20,000.

·         Number of other allied troops killed in the Afghanistan war: about 1,144.

·         Number of Afghan troops killed: 66,000.

·         Number of Afghan civilians killed: 48,000.

·         Number of Afghans injured in the Afghanistan war: 75,000.

·         Number of U.S. service members killed last week: 13.

·         Number of Afghans killed by the ISIS suicide bomber last week: 170.

·         Number of journalists killed in Afghanistan between 2001 and April 2021: 77.

·         Number of humanitarian aid workers killed in Afghanistan between 2001 and April 2021: 444.

·         Total estimated financial cost for fighting the Afghanistan war: $2.313 trillion – or $300 million per day.

·         Financial costs for the fighting alone: $837 billion.

·         Financial costs for rebuilding things such as Afghanistan’s security forces, government institutions, and the economy: $145 billion.

·         Financial costs for buildings and vehicles since 2008: $7.8 billion.

(About $2 billion “was essentially wasted” because those buildings and vehicles “fell into disrepair or were no longer being used as intended.”

·         The exact value of the weapons and equipment left in Afghanistan was not available, but it is most “likely to be in the tens of millions of dollars.”

·         Number of people evacuated by the United States and its allies over the past two months: more than 122,000.

·         Number of civilians flown out of Kabul on U.S military aircraft since August 14: 79,000.

·         Number of American civilians flown out on U.S. military aircraft since August 14: 6,000.

·         Number of Afghans and other-country citizens flown out on U.S. military aircraft since August 14: 73,500.

·         Number of Americans left behind: somewhere between 100 and 200 who wanted to leave Afghanistan but were unable to catch a flight.

If the Biden administration had followed the plan presented to them by the Trump administration, all the civilians would have been taken out first, then the equipment, and then the military. However, Biden could not follow a plan made by Trump because of his “Trump = bad” attitude, but he erred badly. Trump’s plan would have gotten Americans out by May 1, 2021, before the “fighting season” in Afghanistan that takes place in the summer months.

However, Biden wanted a big photo op for the twentieth anniversary of September 11, so he changed the date for leaving Afghanistan to August 31, 2021. He chose the date, and the Taliban held him to it. He took out the military first and essentially gave the territory and the equipment to the Taliban before he took out the civilians. He made a huge mistake, and he should be forced to leave office. Biden is casting in concrete his status as the WORST President of the United States in history – much worse than Jimmy Carter or even Barack Obama! 

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