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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Biden’s Afghan Failures?

             Most people in the world know about the disaster in Afghanistan caused by the Biden administration when they surrendered to the Taliban. The imminent problem is getting all Americans, allies, and supportive Afghans to the Kabul airport and out of Afghanistan. However, there will be long-lasting, world-wide effects coming from this catastrophe.

            Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist, author, and broadcaster, framed the lasting effects as follows: “What has happened in Afghanistan will not stay in Afghanistan, but will have a ripple effect throughout the region and beyond.” 

            American forces went into Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001, attack on American soil. Taliban-supported terrorists from Saudi Arabia flew four commercial airliners into the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and a fourth aircraft taken down in a Pennsylvania field by passengers on it. This airplane is thought to have been heading to the U.S. Capitol Building or the White House.

            Osama bin Laden was determined to be the mastermind of the attack. American authorities requested his extradition from Afghanistan, but the Taliban rejected the request. Thus, American as well as allied forces went into Afghanistan to find him. They did not find bin Laden, but they did decimate the Taliban.

The presence of NATO forces brought a semblance of normal life for Afghan women and girls. Females were encouraged to go to school, and many of them dreamed of becoming doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. Many of them became judges, and at least one of them became a mayor of a city. Life was good for girls and women over the past twenty years – plus, there were no more attacks on the American homeland.

Now, America and Americans – under the direction of senile President Joe Biden – are disrespected worldwide and embarrassed at home. Even the Taliban, the once vanquished terrorist group, are mocking the United States as they parade around in uniforms and equipment that once belonged to the United States military. Biden, the supposed leader of the Free World, does not seem to know what is happening, according to Cal Thomas.

In remarks Friday at the White House, President Joe Biden again proved he is out of touch with reality. Responding to criticism that America’s credibility has been damaged due to his precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops, Biden said, “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world.”

Several allies have been critical, among them German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who met with Biden at the White House last month. She called the withdrawal “an extremely bitter development.” We were not in this alone, after all. It is right for our allies who fought valiantly with us to feel betrayed.

Perhaps the most powerful and emotional criticism came from Tom Tugendhat, a member of the British House of Commons. Tugendhat, who served in Afghanistan, called Biden “shameful” for disparaging the Afghan military. He said he had lost friends there and accused Biden of having “torn open” old wounds with a withdrawal that appeared to be a “defeat.”

            According to Thomas, Biden has stated that he was not informed that disaster awaited a rapid pullout by his intelligence agencies. However, sources from the intelligence agencies are leaking disagreeing comments to the media as well as stating outright that they disagree.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin contradicted the president when he said Taliban fighters have been harassing and beating Americans trying to flee Afghanistan. Biden said he had “no indication” Americans are being prevented from reaching the Kabul airport. Reaching the airport and getting on a plane are not the same, as the Taliban has it encircled with checkpoints.

            The Americans who are not evacuated are endangered. The Taliban may outright kill them, or they might use them as hostages – much like Iran did in 1979. The long-term consequences of Biden’s blunders will affect America for years to come. Thomas quoted the following statement from former Israeli diplomat Yoram Ettinger that he wrote in his newsletter:

In 2021, the 14-century-old vision and strategic goal of Islamic terrorism is not limited to the territory of Afghanistan. It is driven by fanatic imperialism, striving to subordinate the “infidel” West – and especially “the Great U.S. Satan” – which is perceived to be the key obstacle on the way to Islamic global domination.

Islamic terrorism is determined to establish a global Islamic society, ruled by the Quran and Sharia (“divine law”), which is inconsistent with peaceful coexistence with the “infidel” U.S., irrespective of its involvement in Afghanistan.

In fact, it requires a decisive war against the U.S., including terrorism on the U.S. mainland.

            America is not the only nation that is endangered by radical Islamist terrorists. Thomas explained that “terrorists don’t have to initially ‘take over’ a country. They only have to sow fear and chaos, wreck economies, and erode freedoms.”

Thomas emphasized that the patience of the terrorists is shown by their willingness to wait for the past twenty years for the United States to leave Afghanistan. Thomas said that Islamists will take over nations “Through immigration, a higher birth rate, and achieving positions in Western governments.” There is at least one member of Congress who has achieved this goal.

Biden should never have even announced his intent to run for the office of the President of the United States. I agree that Jill Biden is at least partially to blame for the current mess because she allowed him to do so. Although many American voters could not see the weakness of Biden, the enemies of our nation could see it, and they are currently using our weak President to their advantage. The weakness and failures of Biden are endangering the national security of America and Americans.

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