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Monday, August 23, 2021

What Will Happen to the Women and Girls in Afghanistan?

            My VIPs for this week are the women and girls of Afghanistan. I chose them because they are the ones who will suffer the most because of President Joe Biden’s disastrous surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Biden’s decision to withdraw the U.S. military before American civilians and Afghan supporters put the women and girls of Afghanistan back under the control of the Taliban.

            Penny Young Nance is the president and CEO of Concerned Women for America. She is also the author of “Feisty & Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women.” In her article titled “Afghan Women and Girls Were Left Behind. They Need Our Prayers” and published at The Daily Signal, Nance wrote the following: 

The current humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan goes beyond the loss of American lives and treasure. It now also means the targeting of Americans, allies that worked with us, and the rape and torture of Afghan women ad girls at the hand of the Taliban.

News reports of Taliban abuse are almost more than one can process. Parents are told to mark an “X” on their home if they have a daughter 12 or over to make it easier for the Taliban to collect and distribute these young girls to Taliban terrorists.

Due to its view of Shariah law, the Taliban treats females as objects, available to the service of men. They are not allowed to attend school, to work outside the home, or even be outside showing their faces. They risk becoming sex slaves, being whipped, stoned, or otherwise publicly executed.

            Nance emphasized that none of the leftist women’s groups have marched for the freedom of the Afghan women and girls or even attempted to defend their rights. These feminist groups included Planned Parenthood, National Organization, and Ultra Violet, all of whom have been silent. It appears that such feminist groups are only interested in protecting women from conservatives.

The older women in Afghanistan can remember how the Taliban treated females, but the women and girls born in the past twenty years have never lived under such treatment. They went to school and “dreamed of becoming doctors, engineers, and architects.” Now, they see “their dreams falling apart, living in fear for their future and their lives.” They need our concern and prayers, and they need protection from the Taliban. Biden obviously did not consider their plight when he surrendered to the Taliban.

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