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Monday, August 30, 2021

What Are Retired Officers Saying about Biden’s Blunders in Afghanistan?

            My VIP for this week is Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller and other retired military officers who are trying to protect America and Americans from the traitors currently in the Biden administration. Scheller was “relieved of duty” – meaning fired – on Friday after he posted a video on social media on Thursday. When he posted the video, he recognized that he would most likely be fired. On Friday, he made a Facebook post stating that he had “been relieved for cause based on lack of trust and confidence as of 14:30 today.” 

My chain of command is doing exactly what I would do… if I were in their shoes. I appreciate the opportunities AITB command provided….

America has many issues … but it’s my home … it’s where my three sons will become men. America is still the light shining in a fog of chaos. When my Marine Corps career comes to an end, I look forward to a new beginning. My life’s purpose is to make America the most lethal and effective foreign diplomacy instrument. While my days of hand to hand violence may be ending … I see new light on the horizon.

            What did Scheller say in his five-minute video posted on Thursday? He put the military brass in the spotlight over the way that America withdrew from Afghanistan. He called for them to take accountability for their incompetence.

Did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, “Hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase, before we evacuate everyone”? Did anyone do that? And when you didn’t think to do that, did anyone raise their hand and say, “We completely messed this up”? …

            Scheller said that the senior military leaders must be held to account, or “potentially all those people did die in vain.” He continued, “Without that, the … higher military ranks are not holding up their end of the bargain. I have been fighting for 17 years. I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, ‘I demand accountability.’”

            Scheller is not the only military officers calling for accountability from the senior leaders. Nearly 90 retired generals and admirals released a letter today that called for the resignation of the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The reason? The disaster and chaos in the United States troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

            In their letter, the retired generals and admirals accused Defense Secretary Gen. Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley of being culpable in the disastrous withdrawal that caused the loss of 13 U.S. military members. 

The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning with the safety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacuation points; therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban at this time. The death and torture of Afghans has already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major proportions. The loss of billions of dollars in advanced military equipment and supplies falling into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. The damage to the reputation of the United States is indescribable. We are now seen, and will be seen for many years, as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.

            The retired generals and admirals were not finished. The letter continued by saying that the Taliban and other terrorists became bolder because Biden and the military leaders showed weakness and ineffectuality in Afghanistan. They criticized Milley for being “woke” and pushing critical race theory on the military. “Our military exists to fight and win our Nation’s wars and that must be the sole focus of our top military leaders.”

            I agree that “heads need to roll,” but those heads should not be those of Scheller and other military members who are calling for accountability from their leaders. President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Defense Secretary Gen. Lloyd Austin, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, as well as other members of the administration, should resign or forced from office if they had any part in making the decisions that caused the Afghanistan disaster. They should either resign, or Congress should remove them from office.

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