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Friday, October 8, 2021

How Can Parents Fight the Woke Agenda in K-12 Schools?

             Families are stronger when parents are involved with the education of their children, and strong families strengthen communities and nations. The involvement of parents is critically needed now that the woke ideology has entered K-12 classrooms across the country – in addition to the universities.

            The Biden administration is so concerned about the involvement of parents that they are equating parents with domestic terrorists for attending school board meetings. The Attorney General sent instructions to the FBI to work with local law enforcement to combat the “terrorists” threatening the woke agenda. According to Virginia Allen, parents are organizing nationwide to combat the indoctrination being pedaled by Leftists. 

            Ashley Jacobs is the executive director of Parents Unite, a new organization that recently held its first conference. She said, “As parents, we send our kids to school to learn to think critically, to figure out how to solve problems, and to respectfully discuss and resolve differences of opinion. But our education systems are not enabling these skills, and in some cases, [they are] stifling them.” The parents are concerned that they are not “seeing true diversity of opinion within classrooms.”

You want to be inclusive, and you want to explore all these different kinds of people and cultures. But the implicit assumption is that that makes for more interesting classrooms, because people share the things that make them different in a way that’s meaningful. But that’s not what we’re seeing. So, then [diversity] becomes window dressing…

Speakers at the conference discussed critical race theory, which teaches that every issue in our society is racial, that whites are privileged, and that people of color are oppressed by the whites. They also discussed the New York Times’ 1619 Project that claims America was founded on racism and the Revolutionary War was fought to protect slavery.

In addition to a return to teaching racism, school have lowered standards for students of color because they assume that students of color cannot perform as well as white children because of oppression. This is racist thinking! With involved parents, children of color can do just as well or better than white children

Nearly every speaker at the conference had suggestions for “how to restore civil discourse and diversity of thought to schools. Here are seven takeaways that Allen took from the conference for how to “promote true diversity of thought and push back against indoctrination of students.”

1. Present Alternatives

It is not enough to criticize the teaching of radical curriculum such as the 1619 Project; parents must “present a powerful and empowering alternative…”

2. Get Involved

Consider getting involved with your local school board… Those who can’t make the time should consider how they could support someone who does have time and resources…

3. Demand Transparency

Parents should be their children’s greatest advocate, and have a right to know what schools are teaching…


4. Help Draft a ‘Chicago Statement’

A document called a “Chicago Statement” is a brief declaration of a school’s commitment to free speech and how it plans to protect that speech…

A “Chicago Statement” can serve as a litmus test and an accountability tool when a school begins suppressing diversity of thought or viewpoints under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion…”

5. Connect to Resources

Speakers recommended the work of reputable groups that do research on education and combating the woke agenda in schools… [See article for list.]

6. Spend Time With Your Kids

A panel of students … encouraged parents to be active participants int their children’s lives.

American culture has become accustomed to delegating, but parents should not delegate the raising of their children to teachers…

7. Have Courage

Change requires action…

Making changes in K-12 education will require courage… [Courage is needed to win this battle.]

            People on the Far Left are trying to change America from a land of freedom to one of socialism/communism. They know that they can change an entire nation by working with the rising generation, and they started working with young adults at universities. Now those people who were once students are working in the movement, and they are coming for children and teenagers. Parents are in front trenches of the battle lines and must act to protect their children as well as to save America. Parents can strengthen their family as well as their community and nation by becoming involved in the education of their children.

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