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Monday, October 4, 2021

Who Is Lt. Col. Stu Scheller?

            My VIP for this week is Marine Lt. Col. Stu Scheller is currently in pre-trial confinement. His “crime” was to demand accountability from the leaders who are responsible for the massive failure in Afghanistan in a video posted on Facebook. He is in trouble for his courage to say what most Americans were saying. He wanted to know why the top officers had not put their rank on the table and resigned rather than supporting Biden’s plan to leave Afghanistan. 

Lt. Col. Scheller is an American hero for his military skills and leadership in his 17-year military career. He is also a hero for putting his rank on the table and offering to resign. He understood when he posted the video that he could lose his pension, and he was willing to do it. Now he is hoping to avoid a military trial and leave the Marine Corps with an honorable discharge.

A hearing has not been scheduled, but one will most likely be recommended. There are several charges, including “contempt toward officials, willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, failure to obey lawful general orders or conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.” The trial is likely to be held next week. Caren Besner described Scheller’s circumstances as follows. 

To date, he is the only serving officer in the entire US military to ask for some kind of accounting for the Afghanistan debacle. For having the audacity to question the competency of his superiors, both in the Pentagon and the federal government, he was relieved of his command and ordered to undergo psychiatric examination, as if the very act of asking a question rendered him mentally unfit. He is currently being held in a military brig, purportedly in solitary confinement, awaiting possible court-martial.

Stuart Scheller is a 17-year combat veteran, having [served] multiple deployments. He was some two years away from being able to collect his retirement benefits. He undertook those actions knowing full well what the consequences to himself and his family could be.

Scheller did not have to speak out. He could have remained silent, soldiered on, and kept his job. Had he embraced the ‘woke’ ideology that seems to be pervasive in today’s military, he might have been on the fast track to wearing his own set of stars on the epaulets of his uniform. But Scheller is an honorable man and the thought of acting in a ‘dishonorable’ manner was repugnant to him.

            Besner reminded her readers that Scheller and Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman “violated the same military protocol.” However, Vindman was protected as a whistleblower for his part in the quid-pro-quo phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Zelenskiy. Vindman was not court-martialed, but he was removed from the National Security Council. He was not “thrown in the brig in solitary confinement and ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.”

Two men of similar ranks violated the same military protocol, but they received different treatment. Once again, the double standards of the Biden administration come into plain sight. Anyone who supports the Democrat agenda will be treated gently, but those opposed will be beaten down as much as possible.

Some Americans are willing to use their money to support Scheller. “Individuals raised nearly $2 million on behalf of the Marine facing possible charges for his public criticism of military leadership amid the Afghanistan withdrawal. 

Patriotic Americans must support Scheller and all people who are courageous enough to fight against the regime threatening to destroy America. We must stand now and stand together, or we may not have a nation to defend!

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