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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How Many States Have Banned Biological Men from Female Teams?

            Americans should thank conservative governors for their efforts to save America and our constitutional way of life. One such governor is Greg Abbott of Texas. Yesterday, Abbott signed a bill intolaw that requires students in public schools to compete in sports competitions on biological sex. Once the bill goes into effect in January, transgender students will be forced to play on a team that corresponds to the sex listed on their birth certificate even if they identify as another sex. T

            The reason for the bill is to stop discrimination against girls in sports. Women and girls fought for many years for the level playing field of playing against other females. However, biological men and boys who identify as female have been forcing their way onto female teams. The male body is bigger and stronger than the female body with longer legs and arms and bigger hearts and lungs. It is unfair to expect females to compete against males, and this law will protect women and girls.

            The campaign to save sports for girls and women began in Idaho in March 2020. Even though Idaho’s ban on biological males playing on female teams has been blocked by a federal court, seven other states have passed similar laws this year. The laws are passed for fairness to females. Even though transgender women and girls should not play on female teams, there should be a way for them to compete. 

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