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Friday, October 15, 2021

Will the Grinch Steal Christmas This Year?

            Parents can ensure that their family has a happy Christmas by planning ahead. With stores unable to obtain supplies, the toy shelves may be emptier than usual this Christmas season. In addition, inflation is rapidly increasing prices for the gifts that are available. Parents may be caught in a difficult situation in providing gifts for their children this year.

            Everyone from government officials to store managers are encouraging parents to shop early because there is no guarantee that products will be available in the weeks prior to Christmas. If there are specific items that teens and children desire, parents would be wise to get them now.

            Parents should also plan how to make Christmas happy in case of an emergency. What if they are not able to find or afford the selected items – or any related items? What will the parents do? This may be the year for parents to have an old-fashioned or homegrown Christmas. It will certainly be an enjoyable time for teaching children and teens about the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason for celebrating the Christmas season. At any rate, parents should have ideas about what they will do for plan A as well as have a plan B and a plan C.

            Christmas will come whether parents are prepared for it or not, and children will be excited to see their gifts. Children and teens have been through tough times over the past two years, and many of them are dealing with mental issues. Even though parents have also endured stress, they must step up to the duty of making Christmas memorable for their children and do so for all the right reasons. Parents who plan ahead for Christmas can strengthen their families as well as their communities and nations.

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