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Monday, November 29, 2021

Who Is Winsome Sears?

            Winsome Sears is the newly elected Lt. Governor of Virginia. She made history as the first woman and the first Black woman to hold the post. She is a former state House delegate. Since winning her new office, she has been in the national spotlight and making the rounds on the Sunday show circuit in Washington. 

            Sears is staunchly conservative and has been one of “Virginia’s most outspoken advocates for parental rights and school choice.” She is not afraid to take on anyone in the media. In an interview with The Hill, Sears said:

It seems that no one was willing to buck the system…. The system is we need to stop worshipping the brick building and give the child a chance, and the chance is the parents want to be able to decide where their children should go to school….

Let’s go even further back when during the convention period when I was nominated and there were crickets….

Maybe the cicadas hadn’t appeared yet, but certainly the crickets were out…. Nothing to say that [a Virginia political party] had nominated the first Black woman, statewide candidate. It wasn’t until my opponent was nominated and suddenly it was oh and by the way, yeah, Winsome was also.

            Sears is the type of conservative that is needed to win back our nation from the destructive Democrats. She stands tall and is not afraid to say it as she sees it. Good for her!

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