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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Has World War III Started?

            Thursday at 5:00 a.m. local time, Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation, announced that Russian troops had invaded Ukraine. The invasion followed the Monday announcement that Russia recognized “the independence of two regions where pro-Russian troops had held a presence for years.” 

            As his reason for invading Ukraine, Putin said that Russia was using military power to “demilitarize Ukraine because of the threat of it joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” Then he put the blame for “the possible bloodletting” on “the conscience of the current Ukrainian regime.” He claims that he has “Truth and strength” on his side and that Russia does not intend to occupy Ukraine. However, these statements contradict earlier statements that “Ukraine was an invention of Russia.” He lamented that “the old Soviet republics should not have been allowed to leave Russia.”

            Loud explosions were heard near Kiev after Putin’s announcement. The parliament in Ukraine voted to ease gun restrictions, which allows the people of Ukraine to defend themselves and their country with guns. President Joe Biden has shown weakness since he became president. He done little and acted slowly to order economic and financial sanctions against Russia. Now he is consoling Ukraine.

“The prayers of the entire world are with the people of Ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces,” wrote Biden.

“President Putin has chosen a premediated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering. Russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will bring, and the United States and its Allies and partners will respond in a united and decisive way,” he continued.

“The world will hold Russia accountable,” Biden added.

            Russia, China, Iran, and other bullies in the world were held back from action by President Donald Trump. However, they recognized the weakness in Biden and started making moves. We must remember that Barack Obama was President of the United States when Russia took Crimea. America needs strong leaders for its own safety as well as the safety of the world.

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