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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Are All Americans Evil, or Just People Who Do Not Agree Politically with You?

            The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns the need for Americans from both sides of the political divide to recognize that they are two sides of the same coin. In my view, most Americans want the same things from their government: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equality before the law, to be free from government surveillance, and other such blessings. Yet, both sides are guilty of accusing the other side of being evil.

            Conservative Republicans believe that liberals from both sides of the aisle are destroying the United States. Democrats claim that Republicans are destroying “democracy, while Republicans believe that Democrats are leading the nation to destruction. In addition, some “conservatives” join with liberals in accusing other conservatives of destroying democracy.

One example is Liz Cheney who suffered a landslide loss in the Wyoming Republican primary on Tuesday. The voters in Wyoming rejected Cheney because she neglected their needs while working to stop Donald Trump from ever being POTUS again. According to Chris Enloe at The Blaze, Cheney made the following statement on a recent visit on NBC’s “Today” show. 

“Kevin McCarthy made his decision a few weeks after Jan. 6, knowing what he knew about Donald Trump’s role in the assault on the Capitol, [and] when he went to Mar-a-Lago and said we’re going to welcome him back into the party. To me, that is indefensible,” Cheney said on Wednesday.

“This is a great, a special, exceptional nation, and we need leaders who have reverence for our Constitution, who are faithful to our Constitution, and who are gonna do what’s required to abide by our oath no matter whether or not it’s politically convenient,” she added. “Kevin McCarthy does not fit that bill.”

            Too many people have a “holier than thou” attitude – “I am fighting to save our nation, and you are evil.” Cheney has such an attitude and claims to live by “principles,” while Trump and his supporters are racists and sexists without morals. According to Enloe, a top aide to McCarthy used the words of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, to respond to Cheney’s comments on the “Today” show.

In response, the aide pointed to an “ironic quote from her dad,” comments that he made on the campaign trail in 1976 as then-President Gerald Ford’s campaign manager, Fox News reported.

“Principle is OK up to a certain point, but principle doesn’t do any good if you lose,” Dick Cheney said at the time.

The message is clear. McCarthy’s aide was referring to Cheney’s insistence that her fierce opposition to former President Donald Trump and his narrative about the 2020 presidential election is all about principle and standing up for the Constitution. But, so the charge goes, what does it matter if you no longer have a platform on which to stand?

Cheney, for her part, has said repeatedly that she was willing to pay the price for standing on her principles.

In her concession speech, Cheney likened herself to Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest Presidents to ever lead the United States. Lincoln was instrumental in keeping the Union together during the Civil War and freeing slaves. Cheney, on the other hand, is a co-chairman of the committee to investigate the January 6 assault on the Capitol Building.

Cheney, like most Democrats, is determined to find the “smoking gun” to prove that Trump led an “insurrection” against the government of the United States. In doing so, she has forgotten the essential principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” She will continue to sit on the January 6 committee until her term ends at the close of the year. Democrats may or may not continue to give her ways to make her views known. She may become one of the talking heads on CNN or one of the other alphabet companies. However, she will no longer have a platform with authority. She may or may not realize that she simply been a “useful idiot” (Hitler) that was used to move their agenda.

            The bottom line is that Cheney allowed her hatred for Donald Trump to end her political career. The question I have is, why does Cheney (and so many other Americans) allow hatred for Trump to cloud their thinking.

I hope that the eyes of many Americans have been opened over the last week. The raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate showed the length that the Deep State would go to stop Trump. Fair-minded Americans should be able to see that the intelligence agencies have been working with Democrats since 2015 to stop Trump.

The effort to stop Trump put our nation through more than two years and wasted millions of dollars in the Russian Collusion case. The delusion about Trump colluding with Russia proved to be based on a false report bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton! Democrats, joined by some Republicans like Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski, sought to impeach Trump twice. The January 6 investigation came up with nothing, so the next step was to raid Mar-a-Lago.

All the efforts against Trump are meant to stop him from running for President again. However, such efforts are uniting the Republican Party and bringing more supporters to Trump. Honest Americans with eyes to see should be able to see that Trump policies are much better than those of the Biden administration.

Trump had the southern border under control, a roaring economy before the pandemic and a recovering economy before he left office. His foreign policy of peace through strength brought peace to the Middle East and had our enemies in North Korea, China, and Russia standing back. America was energy independent. Biden’s policies did the absolute opposite.

America was brought to this point because people hated mean tweets and judged Trump on a different level than other politicians. For more than 200 years, no current President has set the intelligence agencies against their predecessor. Now, the intelligence agencies under Biden are targeting Trump in an effort to stop him from running for President. One question that all Americans should be asking is: What is the Deep State hiding that they think Trump will expose?

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