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Friday, August 12, 2022

Should Parents Be Concerned about Having Children at This Time?

            Parents can strengthen their children as well as their community and nation by recognizing that the spirits coming to earth today were saved for “such a time as this” (Esther). I found the following information on Facebook and shared it with friends. However, I could not get it off my mind and decided to share it on my blog. It was published by Carli Stralo under the date of April 22, but I do not know the year. Nevertheless, it is “signed” Alex Cravens. 

“Don’t feel sorry for or fear for your kids because the world they are going to grow up in is not what it used to be.


God created them and called them for the exact moment in time that they’re in. Their life wasn’t a coincidence or an accident.


Raise them up to know the power they walk in as children of God.

Train them up in the authority of His Word.


Teach them to walk in faith knowing that God is in control.

Empower them to know they can change the world.


Don’t teach them to be fearful and disheartened by the state of the world but hopeful that they can do something about it.


Every person in all of history has been placed in the time that they were in because of God’s sovereign plan.


He knew Daniel could handle the lions’ den.

He knew David could handle Goliath.

He knew Esther could handle Haman.

He knew Peter could handle persecution.


He knows that your child can handle whatever challenge they face in their life. He created them specifically for it!


Don’t be scared for your children, but be honored that God chose YOU to parent the generation that is facing the biggest challenges of our lifetime.


Rise up to the challenge.

Raise Daniels, Davids, Esthers and Peters!


God isn’t scratching His head wondering what He’s going to do with this mess of a world.


He has an army He’s raising up to drive back the darkness and make Him known all over the earth.


Don’t let your fear steal the greatness God placed in them. I know it’s hard to imagine them as anything besides our sweet little babies, and we just want to protect them from anything that could ever be hard on them, but they were born for such a time as this.”

~Alex Cravens

             This statement is powerful, and it helped me to see the situation in a whole different light. My children are all adults, but they have children for whom I am concerned. I know that parents can strengthen their children by looking forward with faith rather than fear. I know that strong families strengthen communities and nations.

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