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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Who Is Hurt Most by Hatred?

            Most people agree that hatred is a negative characteristic that must be eliminated wherever and whenever possible. However, many people do not know that hatred is a “poison” that can cause destruction in a soul. 

Hate is a mighty strong emotion. This mental venom can pollute your spirit, poison your soul and seep into all of the relationships that surround you. Anyone who has found themselves wrapped up in the arms of hate knows how damaging and mind-consuming it can become. Even the word carries power, particularly if it comes from a friend, a family member or a child. While hate can be directed at almost anything – animals, foods, jobs, movies – the most destructive is hatred toward other people…. Hate, when left unchecked, will drain your spirit, tarnish your soul and darken your days.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of hate: the kind that’s turned outward (explosion), and the kind that’s turned inward (implosion). Both of these will eat you up inside, so if you find yourself living with hate, perhaps today is a good day for a little wellness housecleaning.

Hate turned outward is both dangerous and ugly. It can motivate violent crime and damaging behaviors…. At the heart of all hatred is blame, and this is particularly true for hatred turned outward. When one feels like they’ve been seriously wronged or victimized by someone, their discontent and anger carries with it the potential seeds of hatred. This quote from Siddhartha Buddha says it all: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

            There are millions of Americans who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Never-Trumpers and other people hate Donald Trump so much that they would rather see America destroyed than to support Trump in making America great again. No one shows hatred for Trump more than does Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming.

            Cheney is co-chair of the special committee investigating the January 6 assault on the Capitol Building. Her work on the committee kept her from meeting the needs of the people of Wyoming, and the Wyoming voters decided to elect another representative.

Cheney does not seem to care because her main goal in life is to keep Donald Trump from being re-elected as President of the United States. With this goal in mind, Cheney confirmed last week that she is considering the idea of being a candidate for president in 2024. Most clear-thinking Americans know that Cheney would never become the Republican candidate for president, and she has said that she will not switch to the Democrat Party. Her only choice would be to become an independent. A poll taken August 18-22 (after Cheney lost her election) shows that Cheney may want to reconsider becoming such a candidate. 

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll released this week shows that if Cheney runs for president in 2024 as an independent – since she is making no friends in a Republican Party that continues to prop up Trump – she will help Trump win.

In fact, Yahoo News aid Cheney would “single-handedly swing the election to Trump.”

Specifically, the poll discovered that in a hypothetical matchup between Biden and Trump, Biden would win by three points, 42% to 39%; 20% of respondents said they are not sure who they would support.

But when Cheney is thrown into the race as an independent spoiler, Biden’s re-election chances sink completely – and Trump is propelled to victory.

With Cheney in the race, Trump would win by eight points over Biden, 37% to 29%, while Cheney would secure 11% of support. Nearly one-quarter of respondents (23%), however, said they are unsure of who they would support in such a scenario.

The result makes sense because in theory, Cheney would siphon moderate voters who lean Republican from Biden but only support Biden because they refuse to vote for Trump. Thus, supporting Cheney, who is an otherwise stalwart Republican, would be a conscience-acceptable vote for such Americans.

The Yahoo News/YouGov poll results confirm this thesis.

According to Yahoo News, “a full 69% of Cheney’s support among registered voters comes from those who would otherwise support Biden on a two-way ballot. Just 15% comes from Trump supporters.”

            Cheney and other Trump haters may want to reconsider their hatred for the former president, or they may play an active part in electing Trump without ever voting for him.

            I have difficulty understanding why anyone would vote for Joe Biden after experiencing the disastrous American experience of the past twenty months. Who are the people who are so blind that they cannot see that Biden is a senile puppet in the hands of the people who are doing their best to “fundamentally transform” America? I do not understand why anyone would vote for the man again, so I can understand why Cheney would siphon so many voters from him. Go ahead and run for president, Cheney. It will be the best thing that you can do for America! 

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