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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

How Will the Parting of the Ways Between Fox and Carlson Affect America?

President Joe Biden officially announced his intention to run for President of the United States once again, but his news paled compared to the continuing saga about the firing of Tucker Carlson by Fox News. It seems that Carlson’s habit of telling the truth was too much for some people. Carlson became an enemy of the powerful establishment because he was willing to question the dominant narratives.

Carlson spoke at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala on Friday evening just outside Washington, D.C. Among other statements made by Carlson, Jarrett Stepman highlighted the following in his article published at The Daily Signal: “The truth is contagious…. The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become.” 

The Left is celebrating the fact that Fox and Carlson are parting ways. Several of them have been calling on Fox to censure or fire Carlson, so it looks like the Left won. However, they may be getting more than they asked for. By all counts, most people expect Carlson to find another platform on which to share his truths and to become richer for it. Stepman wrote the following.

My biggest takeaway from Carlson’s exit from Fox News is that it represents a final break between “mainstream” corporate news and dissenting voices – whether on the Right or Left. I’d argue that even if you don’t like Carlson’s views, this is a worrisome moment for the United States.

Carlson was unique in that he gave airtime to stories almost nobody else wanted to touch. He extensively covered the Twitter files – revealing the disturbing ties between and among Big Tech, Big Business, and Big Government. He analyzed footage from 

Jan. 6, 2021, showing that what actually took place that day wasn’t in line with the narrative promoted by most legacy media outlets. He questioned the official narrative about Watergate and the role of intelligence agencies in American history.

Carlson was one of the rare dissenting voices on the war in Ukraine. Whether you agree with him or not on what the wisest U.S. policy is regarding support for Ukraine, isn’t it important that we keep an open mind about how best to serve American interests? After all, America faces immense challenges of its own, internally and externally….

So, my sense is that Fox News will probably be fine, even if diminished. Carlson will be better than fine, with perhaps a bigger audience than ever. It’s the country that we should worry about.

Stepman’s article included more details about the various problems that Carlson emphasized. The bottom line is that Carlson will have greater opportunities, and Fox will survive in some form. However, the older people who still get their news through cable television will no longer have a source on television that they can trust to tell the truth.

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