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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Who Do You Think Has the Best Chance of Becoming Republican Candidate?

 A survey taken by The Economist/YouGov found that most Republicans think that former President Donald Trump shows a better probability of winning the 2024 presidential election than does Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The survey was taken May 20-23, 2023, before DeSantis made his formal announcement.

According to an article by Hannah Bleau, survey respondents were asked, “Which of these two Republicans do you think has the best chance of winning the 2024 general election for president?” There were only two choices: Trump or DeSantis. The results of the survey were 40 percent for Trump, 28 percent for DeSantis, and 32 percent who were unsure. Bleau wrote: 

More specifically, Republicans remain more confident in Trump’s ability to defeat the Democrat – presumably President Joe Biden – in 2024. According to the survey, 58 percent of Republicans have the most confidence that Trump can win, compared to 27 percent who said the same of DeSantis and 15 percent who remain unsure.

Notably, Trump has the edge among independents and Democrats as well as 32 percent of independents chose Trump, compared to 27 percent who chose DeSantis. However, 42 percent remain unsure. Thirty-one percent of Democrats also chose Trump as the individual who they believe had a better chance of winning, compared to 29 percent who said DeSantis. Forty percent of Democrats also remain uncertain.

I like DeSantis and what he has accomplished in Florida. However, I have questions about why he decided to run for President. I believe that he is letting the people of Florida down because they voted for him to be governor for four years, not to quit after one year. I also do not like the fact that the Bush family is behind DeSantis since they are for one-world government.

I believe that Donald Trump is the man that we need in the Oval Office. The fact that Democrats have fought so hard against him tells me that they are afraid of having him as President. They are not concerned about his rudeness or adultery. They are afraid of him because he cannot be bought.

Besides, the United States was in a much better position during the Trump administration than it is now under the Biden administration. Our citizens were prospering, our borders were controlled, and our enemies respected us. All of that changed when Joe Biden entered the Oval Office. Trump helped to make America better once, and I believe that he is the only person who has even a possibility of making America better again.

Also, Trump has been walking through the “fire” for six years, and DeSantis does not even smell of smoke. Trump knows who he can trust and who he cannot trust. He has a lot of information on the opposition because he had access to all the intelligence information. In mob talk, Trump “knows where the bodies are buried.”

In addition, Trump has the motivation to go after the Deep State. He, his family, his associates, and his supporters have been put through great distress since 2015, and there are no signs of things getting better. Trump has been through numerous battles, but he is still standing. He is a proven warrior, and American needs a powerful warrior to face down our enemies both foreign and domestic. If anyone can bring America back from the edge of the cliff, I believe that only Trump can do it.


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