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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


                Are you wondering what is happening in Egypt?  I am.  I have tried to understand the recent events in Egypt through my knowledge of the United States, and I just cannot make the case.  I cannot imagine the military taking over the United States and installing a new President.  I really appreciated the information in an article written by Michael Amerhom Youssef entitled “Everything You Wanted to Know about the Egypt Problem that the Media or Politicians Won’t Tell You.”   This is quite a title, and it certainly caught my eye.

Youssef is a natural-born Egyptian, having been born there in 1948.  He is not only Egyptian, but he has studied and experienced Egypt.  He studied at Moore Theological College and received his ordination as a minister there.

The author began his article by explaining that the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in Egypt in 1928 by an elementary school teacher.  The purpose for the organization was “to overthrow British Imperialism and establish an Islamic state in Egypt” – a state so powerful that it would “eventually encompass the Arab world.”  The British left Egypt long ago, but the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood remains the same.

The relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military in Egypt was once a cooperative one but it turned to rivalry.  The leaders of Egypt have dealt with the Muslim Brotherhood differently.  Gamal Abdel Nasser put “most of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership” in prison while torturing others and putting still others to death. 

Hosni Mubarak was the “head of the Egyptian Air Force” and who became the leader of the nation after Anwar Sadat was assassinated in 1981.  Mubarak had a varied approach to how he dealt with the Muslim Brotherhood.  There were times when he put the leaders of the organization in prison, and there were other times when he allowed them to hold seats in the Egyptian parliament.

When the Egyptian Spring broke out in January 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood waited to see the outcome.  They “claimed the revolution as their own” only after Mubarak was put out of office.  “And who was there to encourage the Muslim Brotherhood?  None other than the American administration.

“The rule of the Egyptian Army during the sixteen months following Mubarak’s departure turned out to be a disastrous experience for Egyptians.  So under pressure from the American administration, they then conducted a so-called `free and fair elections.’     
“There is reason for my cynicism in describing the election that way.  You will never learn from the Western media what my friends in Egypt experienced during that `election’.

“The contest was between a former head of the Air Force, General Shafik (also a one-time prime minister under Mubarak) and a third-choice Brotherhood candidate named Mohammed Morsi.  During the election, thugs took over many of the polling stations, particularly in Upper Egypt.  They told Christians that if they wanted to live, they better not go inside and vote.  Incidentally, they did the same thing during the referendum on the new constitution, which the Islamists concocted as a prelude to Sharia.

“People who can do simple math will discover that less than 15 percent of the population voted `yes’ on that referendum.  But that’s not the entire story.

“According to documents discovered after the recent June 30th Revolution, Morsi actually lost the election by more than 200,000 votes.  But the American ambassador in Cairo, Anne Patterson, who was carrying the wishes of her bosses in Washington, pressured the military counsel to declare Morsi the winner.  The reason?  To avoid bloodshed.”

The author said that “American politicians from both sides of the aisle” think that “we should fight Islam with Islam.”  This “American experiment” has failed.  “Twelve months of Islamist rule have proved to Egypt’s vast Muslim population that the misguided policy of naïve Americans has only kicked the can of terrorism down the road.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is “promising a reign of terror to include killings and suicide bombings” – the very thing Americans were trying to avoid.

The author ended his article on a positive note:  “I have no doubt that the people of goodwill in Egypt will prevail.  They have learned that freedom and Islamist rule cannot co-exist.”

The good people of Egypt may be wiser than Americans. We are busy being “politically correct” and refusing to see things as they really; I fear that most Americans will not see the dangers facing us until it is too late.  I believe that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Communists are working together to overthrow our nation.  If/when they are successful in destroying our government, they will then fight it out to see who gets the power.  Do we really want either of them leading our nation?  I say no!

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