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Friday, April 4, 2014

Read the Scriptures

                Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when we make the time to study the word of God.  By the studying the scriptures we learn the commandments of God and hear His counsel for us.  When we study the scriptures with our children, we give them power against Satan.  If we fail to give them “swords” and “shields” with the word of God, it is as though we are sending them to battle with a paper plate and straw (John Bytheway).

                The following quote was attributed to President Gordon B. Hinckley:  “Read the scriptures to your children.  You may not think they understand.  They won’t understand everything you read.  But they will develop within themselves a feeling, an attitude, a spirit that will be wonderful.  And I don’t hesitate to promise you that the day will come, if you nurture your children and love and teach in righteousness, you will get on your knees with tears in your eyes and thank the Lord for His blessing you.”

                Reading the scriptures to children brings many blessings.  The scriptures are beautiful literature; children learn beautiful language from the scriptures.  When children are allowed to do some of the reading, they learn to read more difficult words.  My husband and I visited our daughter and her family in Texas a few weeks ago.  We joined the family in scripture study each evening; I was very impressed with the way my eight-year-old granddaughter read the big words.  It was astonishing to me to see how well she read!

                Many years ago our Primary president asked for a volunteer to read the scriptures.  My then five-year-old daughter raised her hand and went to the front of the room when asked.  The president blindfolded my daughter and then asked her to read a scripture.  My daughter thought that she was supposed to be reading and wanted to do well.  She began, “And it came to pass….”  The president was of course shocked; she took the blindfold off and asked my daughter if she could see.  My daughter of course could not see; she was simply repeating words that she remembered from family scripture study.

                I have now reached the time in my life where I do as President Hinckley promised I would; I often kneel in prayer and thank Heavenly Father for the great blessing of having righteous children who are teaching the gospel to my grandchildren.  I know that families who study the scriptures together grow stronger and then strengthen our communities and nations.

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