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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Southern Border Crisis

                Something is happening on our southern border, something that is causing problems for some Americans and may soon affect all Americans.  It appears as though we no longer have a border between Mexico and the United States.  Thousands of young and unaccompanied children from Central America - most from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras - are illegally crossing our southern border at an increasing rate.

                Columnist Peggy Noonan compared the crisis on our southern border to a house with problems.  “It’s like you live in a house that’s falling apart.  The roof needs to be patched and there are squirrels in the attic, a hornet’s nest in the eaves.  The basement’s wet.  The walkway to the front door is cracked with grass growing through it.  The old boiler is making funny sounds.  On top of that it’s always on your mind that you could lose your job tomorrow and must live within strict confines so you can meet the mortgage and pay the electric bill.  You can’t keep the place up and you’re equal parts anxious, ashamed, and angry.  And then one morning you look outside and see … all these people standing on your property, looking at you, making some mute demand.  Little children looking lost – no one’s taking care of them.  Older ones settling in the garage, or working a window to the cellar.  You call the cops.  At first they don’t come. Then they come and shout through a bull horn and take some of the kids and put them in a shelter a few blocks away.  But more kids keep coming!  You call your alderman and he says there’s nothing he can do.  Then he says wait, we’re going to pass a bill and get more money to handle the crisis.  You ask, `Does that mean the kids will go home?’  He says no, but it may make things feel more orderly.  You call the local TV station and they come do a report on your stoop and then they’re gone, because really, what can they do, and after a few days it’s getting to be an old story.  No one’s in charge!  No one is taking responsibility.  No one who wants to help has authority, and no one with authority is helping.
                “America is the house that is both falling apart and under new stress.  Those living within it, those most upset by what they’re seeing, know America has big problems – unemployment, low workforce participation, a rickety physical infrastructure, an unsound culture, poor public education.  And of course discord of all sorts – a lot of made squirrels running around the attic.  They know America can’t pay its bills.  They fear we’re living on the fumes of greatness.  They want us to be strong again.  Watching our border collapse doesn’t look like a harbinger of progress.”

                The crisis at the border is not new; it has been going on for more than two years.  At the onset of the problem, Governor Rick Perry of Texas tried to alert the federal government of the increasing numbers of children.  Nothing was done to stop the flow.  Approximately 50,000 children have crossed the border into the United States with a projected number of 90,000 crossing by the end of 2014.

                It seems that anyone with common sense can see that we have a crisis, but our President considers fundraising for Democrats as being more important than solving the border problems.  He does, however, have time to request more money from Congress to use in caring for the illegals. Even Donald Trump can see that “This influx is killing the country.”

                Illegal immigrants – the word illegal now being equated with the N-word – are being treated better than other Americans.  We have children and teens in our own nations needing food, clothes, etc.  We have sick and injured military veterans needing medical care.  We have millions of people without jobs.  Unskilled immigrants are taking jobs formerly filled by black Americans.  Illegals are indeed killing our country.

                It appears that Barack Obama and other liberals are inviting the influx of illegals into our nation.  The word has gotten back to people in Central America that our nation does not deport people who come here illegally.  They apparently believe that they will be allowed to stay if they can just make it across the border.

                We have thousands of children coming into our nation without adult supervision.  No child should have to face the horrors of being so alone and so vulnerable.  What will these children handle this trauma and how will it affect their future lives?  What kind of problems will face these children next year – and many years from now?  Do we really want to invite them into our nation?  I think not.  I do however believe we should be compassionate and tender with them as we send them back to their countries of origin.  Our nation has a true crisis on our southern border.  We need leaders who can make tough choices; we need leaders who will do the jobs we elected them to do; we need leaders who will put Americans first!

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