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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


                I am fairly certain that my regular readers are noticing some differences in my posts.  For the past six weeks I have been learning mathematics.  Since my grandchildren are learning the same material in grade school and middle school, we are all aware that it is not quantum physics.

                I have been able to do basic math since grade school.  I have no problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I can handle decimals and percentages; I have been balancing my checkbook for more than fifty years.  I know how to do fractions and have used them extensively in cooking and sewing for many years. 

                This course has included all of the above types of math plus much more in an effort to build a firm foundation for learning higher math in college.  I have learned many new things such as exponents and spreadsheets, simplifying and solving.  I am definitely using my brain in expanding my knowledge.

                I have attempted to learn algebra numerous times over more than fifty years but always became frustrated because I could not keep all the steps straights.  This time I am committed to learn how to do algebra.  I am committed to put in the necessary time and make the effort to do, and I spend enormous amounts of time working problems.   I have the order of operations down pat now and am beginning to understand how to work with pluses and minuses. 

                Sometimes I am still working problems when I would otherwise be writing posts and am often late posting.  I hope my readers will hang with me through this class.  So far, I have an A in the class, but I am only half through the course.  I know that if God wants me to learn algebra, I can do it because He will help me!  

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