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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sabbath Day

                The topic of keeping the Sabbath Day holy has been discussed frequently over the past year by speakers in general conference, stake conference, and sacrament meeting.  We even have a Relief Society conference scheduled for later this month on how to honor the Sabbath.  While our world is crumbling all around us, our leaders are encouraging us to keep the Sabbath Day holy; however, none of them are giving us lists of do and don’t.  In fact, Elder Johnson told us at our last stake conference that how we honor the Sabbath is between us and the Lord.

                I found an excellent article by Greg Trimble on this topic and suggest that you read it.  He titled his article “How To Know if You’re Breaking the Sabbath” and gave us much information to think about.  I am not sure what to think of his claim that Adam and Eve were created on the eighth day because I have never heard this previously and did not get it from my own scripture study; therefore, I will be doing more research on that concept.  The rest of the article was very helpful to me and hopefully to you.

                I liked this idea very much:  “My personal belief is this.  I believe the primary purpose of the Sabbath is to preserve the `religion of our families.’  The word `religion’ comes from the Latin `re-ligare’ which means `to bind.’  The Sabbath has always been thought of as the day in which we `get religion’ … but if we take the true meaning of religion as our guide … the Sabbath is actually a day set apart for us `to bind’ with our families.”

                I know that keeping the Sabbath Day holy is a very important commandment of God, and I know that He will bless us as we keep His day sacred.  I believe that we can know if we are honoring the Sabbath properly by asking God about what we should do.  This is a practice I initiated in my life about six months ago and have known what the Lord requires of me.  I suggest you adopt this practice also.  I know that we can have peace even in these troubled times as we keep the commandments and honor God, His name, and His day as He would have us do.

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