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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Caravan of Refugees

            A caravan from Central America heading towards the United States has dominated the news in recent days. It apparently started in Honduras with 1,500 people, but it has now grown to 5,000 people. The travelers are mostly from Honduras, but others are joining them for the remainder of their 1,100 mile journey.

            The caravan has developed into a mob, and the members of the group feel that they are entitled to enter the United States. They are so determined to reach the American border that they broke through a border crossing a few days ago and “streamed onto a bridge” on the border between Mexico and Guatemala where many of them were stopped. Some members of the caravan jumped from the bridge and made their way into Mexico. 

            Mexico sent 500 law officers to their southern border. Mexico also says that no one will get into Mexico without proper paperwork. Trump is threatening to put military on the southern U.S. border. He said that they are not coming into the United States, and he threatened to stop all foreign aid into Honduras, Guatemala, and other nations if they do not stop their citizens from entering the United States illegally. Mexico and the United States are supposedly working together to stop the caravan, but it continues to move north.

            There are several reports that men have been seen handing money to the members of the caravan. Where is the money coming from? Who is feeding the migrants? Who encouraged the caravan to gather and to move towards the United States? Answers to these questions and many others must be found, and those people held responsible. I hope that Trump does put the military on the border because the illegal immigration has become a national security issue. The United States is being invaded and cannot remain a sovereign nation if the borders are wide open. We must build the border wall, and we must do it as quickly as possible!

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