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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Senate Circus

            Democrats and their liberal/progressive supporters made a sham of the Senate committee hearing for confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. They have made fools of themselves in front of the entire nation and the world. They apparently think that they are acting for the benefit of the nation, but more and more people are realizing that they are just trying to hold on to what power they have.

            The Senate held its investigation on Thursday to listen to the stories of Kavanaugh and his accuser. Now the Senate hearing is over, and every honest person can see that there are two victims – the accuser and the accused. It seems obvious to most people that something terrible happened to the accuser. Her problem is that it was not Kavanaugh who did it. He kept his calendars all through high school as a journal, noting his activities as well as the full names of the people with whom he did them. The Democrats picked the wrong person to cross this time. He appears to have lived a clean life and has many friends and associates to vouch for him.

            The circus is not over yet because Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) flaked out and acted with the Democrats. He agreed to support moving the nomination out of committee but only if Republicans agreed to a not-more-than-one-week FBI investigation on Kavanaugh. He has already had six thorough FBI investigations, but President Donald Trump ordered another one. He ordered this investigation to be a limited FBI investigation that will not last more than a week. Still, the accuser’s attorney is still not happy because she wants the investigation to be open-ended and last as long as possible.

            Common sense would say that the whole mess is a “Hail Mary” pass by the Democrats to sideline the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Republicans in the Senate jumped through the numerous hoops to please the Democrats and to give the woman an opportunity to tell her side of the story. Then the Democrats and the accuser came up with all kinds of delay tactics until other women also came forward with their stories.

            None of the women have any witnesses or any evidence – just their claim that Kavanaugh did some terrible more than thirty years ago. This writer was surprised that the accuser actually appeared at the hearing, but she did. She even flew from California to Washington, D.C. in spite of her fear of flying. She has also flown to several exotic places on vacation -  but she delayed the hearing for a week in order for her to have time to drive from coast to coast.

            The Democrats destroyed the accuser even as they used her. Kavanaugh and his family have been put through hell, and his good name will never be completely recovered. The whole situation is a sham that has destroyed Kavanaugh’s life and career path. It is also a warning to all people. We must all be aware that we can be destroyed just as easily as Judge Kavanaugh!

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