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Monday, October 15, 2018

Elizabeth Warren

            Elizabeth Warren is my VIP for the week simply because she finally had a test done on her DNA. The results show that a “pure Native American ancestor appears in her family tree `in the range of 6-10 generations ago.’” Warren apparently has a great-great-great-grandmother who was at least partially Native American. This means that Warren is from 1/32nd to 1/1024th Native American. 

            Even though the DNA report shows Native American blood in Warren’s ancestry, I do not believe that she has the right to call herself a Native American. I, too, have Native American blood in my ancestry according to my DNA report. Apparently, I am 1% Native American. That means that I am 99% something else – which includes 25% Scottish ancestry. I do not refer to myself as a Scot, so I should not refer to myself as a Native American. Although I am not ashamed to have Native American blood, I do not consider myself to be one. If I called myself a Native American, I believe that I would be insulting my many Native American friends. I just cannot do it, and I believe that Warren is wrong to do so. There seems to be other people who agree with me

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