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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Silver Lining

            There is an old saying that there is a “silver lining behind every dark cloud.”  I hope that it is true in the case of the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Could it be that the Democrat circus during the confirmation hearing and “investigation” (in which they did not ask him one question about the alleged attack) will bring positive results?      President Donald Trump seems to think that the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh – his seventh such investigation – “may be a blessing in disguise.” Reporters asked President Trump about Kavanaugh while the President was on his way to West Virginia on Saturday for a reelection rally.

“I think it’s going very well,” Trump said. “The FBI as you know is all over talking to everybody… he’s a very high-quality person. I would expect it’s going to turn out very well for the judge, there’s never been anybody that’s been looked at like Judge Kavanaugh.”

Trump added that “having the FBI go out and do a thorough investigation, whether it’s three days or seven days, I think it’s going to be less than a week, but having them do a thorough investigation, I actually think will be a blessing in disguise, it’ll be a good thing.”

            President Trump later told the people at the campaign rally that he has no plans to replace Kavanaugh. Trump’s loyalty to the judge helps others to also support him.

Trump supporter Carolyn Kyanko, a retired educator, said the president’s doubling down on Kavanaugh was all the more reason to get out and vote in November. “Do I believe Ford was sexually assaulted? I do. Do I believe it was Kavanaugh who did it? Absolutely not,” Kyanko said. “Trump’s commitment to Kavanaugh is just evidence of his loyalty. He’s a loyal man.”

            President Trump’s loyalty is not the only thing that is causing people to support him. The behavior of the Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearing is also having some effects. In a new essay for The Federalist, a man using the pseudonym Tomas Mendoza says that the circus in the Senate caused him to think differently. 

I am a college-educated, suburban, first-generation Latino immigrant. I voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012. I find President Trump to lack the basic moral character that we should expect in our political leaders and did not consider, even for a moment, voting for him in 2016. After watching how Senate Democrats and the media handled the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, however, I will be voting Republican in 2018 and for Trump in 2020.

            Mendoza explains that he was a staunch Democrat for at least eight years but has recently changed his politics because of experiences that happened before he ever immigrated to America. Apparently, his background allows him to see things that other people might not see.

When I came to the United States, I left a country that had recently undergone a military coup. My family experienced first-hand what happens when those in power abandon the rule of law. We saw the devastation that comes to a society when men of power believe their political objectives [are] so justified that they are willing to pursue them by any means necessary. In the eyes of those men of power, we could see the deadening of souls that occurs when a man’s perceived benevolence blinds him to his own tyranny.

During the Kavanaugh hearings I saw that same look in the eyes of Senate Democrats. The hearings made clear that the Democrats on the committee were not interested in pursuing the truth or respecting Christin Blasey Ford’s desire for anonymity. Instead, they simply sought to delay the vote in the hopes of winning the next election.

            Mendoza saw the evil in the faces of the Democrat members of the committee investigating Judge Kavanaugh. He also saw the good in Kavanaugh’s face. For those who have eyes to see, the difference between good and evil is very apparent. I hope that millions of Americans have the ability to see through the evil scam brought about by Democrats. Maybe there is a silver lining between the dark clouds that are engulfing our nation today.

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