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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

How Is the Coronavirus Affecting You?

            The coronavirus is in the United States now and hitting close to home for many of us. We have heard of the devastation in China and how Italy has self-quarantined their nation or a large part of it. Some states have been hit harder than other states with Washington State having the most cases, and New York, California, and Florida having more than a few. New York is drawing a circle around their “cluster” of cases and putting the area under quarantine. As of four days ago, Alaska did not have any confirmed cases.

            Like many people, the coronavirus is affecting me and my family even though none of us have caught it. My husband and I have already curtailed our activities around town. We have not gone to Costco for our monthly shopping because we have heard they are out of essential items, such as toilet paper and are waiting for them to restock. Even stopping at Wal-Mart is a quick trip in and out of the store to avoid germs as much as possible. In addition, we visit numerous medical offices each week, but we make sure not to touch anything – such as handrails – unless necessary.

            We would like to do more traveling but have been told to rethink that idea. I have heart disease, my husband has diabetes, and we are both old enough to be considered high risk. We should stay home until all danger is past, and we would be happy to do so. However, we have other problems to add to the mix. 

My husband’s only living sibling is dying of pancreatic cancer. When he was diagnosed at the beginning of the year, he was given four to six months to live. We visited with him on our recent trip outside, but my husband would like to visit with his brother again before he dies. However, the only feasible way to get there is to fly. That would put us on an airplane for about six to eight hours with a layover in Seattle. I am not sure where the greater danger lies – the airplanes or the Seattle airport. The dilemma is, should we take the risk and make the trip, or should we not. Then there is the question of the funeral and how safe it will be to fly by the time that he dies.

Another problem is our numerous plans for the summer. We have a large, multi-generation family reunion planned for the third week in June. Should we continue to plan for it, or should we cancel it? In addition, my immediate family has plans for a smaller reunion at Bear Lake the following week. My husband and I would follow the reunions with a Church History tour in July. Should we arrange for air travel to these events, or should we cancel the housing and tour reservations that we have already made? 

Does it do any good to make plans when there is so much of life that is out of control?

This worldwide coronavirus epidemic – pandemic? – is certainly giving us reason to question the idea.

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