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Monday, March 23, 2020

Why Does It Take an Emergency to Unite the Nation?

            My VIP for this week is the American people. The Chinese coronavirus came to America and attacked many innocent individuals and families. Americans said, “No, you cannot do that to my friends, neighbors, and countrymen. I will not let you.” Then we proceeded to do what Americans always do in a crisis – unite and work together. This is true for all Americans except for the Democrats in Congress who always follow their own agenda no matter what happens to America and Americans!

            Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals form one group who makes extraordinary sacrifices in this battle. They put their health and possibly their lives on the front line of battle day after day. They have seen the enemy face to face, and they have fought in hand-to-hand combat with it. They are frightened at its power to destroy lives, but they will not back down. They work long hours doing their best to preserve the lives of their countrymen and often take risks to help others. Then they isolate themselves at home to protect their families.

            Another group is the truckers and railroad workers who keep the supply lines moving. Even though toilet paper and hand sanitizer are gone long before the store closes, there are trucks bringing more each day. Drivers are at the wheel for long hours each day because they know that the goods in their trucks are essential to the comfort and health of their countrymen.

            Store managers and employees form a third group. They serve customers all day long. They stock shelves and clean the stores after hours to protect customers who come to buy food and supplies day after day. They put up with rude Americans who treat them with disrespect. They see the hoarders who buy out the essential supplies and try to increase their bank account by creating shortages. Eventually, the stores personnel declare that there are limits on supplies, and then they must enforce their rules. Many stores are seeking more employees to handle the additional services being provided.

            Another group is formed by the farmers and ranchers who provide food for our tables and the restaurant and fast food industry who prepare it for us. When the government shut down all inside meals, workers in food outlets quickly adapted to make it a takeout and/or delivery service only. They continue to feed Americans and keep the economy humming at the same time.

            Manufacturers form another group. Some manufactures provide food and supplies that are still needed. Others recognize that Americans are not shopping for new furniture and vehicles, so they retrofit their manufacturing equipment to make medical masks and ventilators instead of couches and cars.

            Teachers are gaining new respect from parents who have had home schooling thrust upon them suddenly. Many parents will most likely discover that their children are not willing pupils, and they may stop blaming the teachers for the poor report cards brought home by their children. However, teachers are not vacationing but are learning new skills as they hold class with their students using Zoom and other technology.

            Quilters and other crafters are putting their sewing skills to good use in sewing medical masks for nurses, doctors, and home health providers. Patterns and instructions for masks are put on the Internet and freely shared.

            Patriotic Americans of all ages and groups are following instructions to isolate ourselves socially. Elderly folks and others who have underlying health problems are staying in our homes. Others are serving us by bringing groceries to us and serving in other ways. Families are staying close to home, and teenagers are sacrificing time with their friends to protect their grandparents. Couples are postponing or changing wedding plans. Seniors in high school and college are sacrificing championship games, drama and other competitions, and even graduation ceremonies to hunker down with their families.

            The Chinese coronavirus has done for America in two weeks what the Trump administration has been trying to do for nearly four years. Americans – other than congressional Democrats and virus deniers – are united in fighting the invisible enemy that has invaded our nation. Americans are always powerful, but we are invincible when we are united. The Chinese coronavirus is discovering the same thing that the Japanese discovered during World War II and the terrorists discovered after 9/11. America is a sleeping giant that awakens with a roar when provoked! 

Even though we often bicker among ourselves, most of us come together and fight as one when we are faced with a common enemy. We will fight this war and win it battle by battle until we have defeated the enemy. Then we will celebrate together before moving forward to the next crisis. May God bless America. May He heal our people and our nation and help us to come through this war greater than ever!

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