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Thursday, November 5, 2020

What Happened to Our Country?

            Two days have passed since election polls closed, and we still do not know who will lead our nation for the next four years. Americans are questioning the integrity of the elections and lost all faith in pollsters and the media. The situation has many Americans suspecting that something is not right.

            Victor Davis Hanson, a historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, wrote the following: “A republic is not just a nation of laws. It also relies on its good-faith watchdogs, such as honest pollsters, the media, and bipartisan institutions.” 

            Americans now know that the pollsters are not honest, and the media does not have the good of nation at heart. As you may know, the polls told Americans that Joe Biden was going to win the election in a blue wave or a landslide. He did not. In fact, there are indications that Donald Trump won the election, and Democrats are adding illegal votes. This is the second election where the pollsters got the whole mess wrong. Hanson made the following statement after showing several guesses that the 2020 pollsters got wrong.

Pollsters were widely wrong in 2016. Yet they learned nothing about their flawed methodologies. So how do they remain credible after 2020, when most were wildly off again?

A cynic might answer that polling no longer aims to offer scientific assessments of voter intentions.

Pollsters, the vast majority of them progressives, have become political operatives. They see their task as ginning up political support for their candidates and demoralizing the opposition. Some are profiteering as internal pollsters for political campaigns and special interests.

Never again will Americans believe these “mainstream” pollsters’ predictions because they have been exposed as rank propagandists.

I did not trust the pollsters in 2020 after they were so wrong in 2016. Even though

they were claiming a big win for Joe Biden, I had faith that the American citizens would not be deceived and vote for Biden. I was shocked to see how many were deceived.

            According to Hanson, one big advantage that came from the failure of the blue tsunami to appear for Biden is an exposure of Democrat hypocrisy. They have been claiming that Republicans are using “dark money” from rich donors to buy elections. Hanson wrote that “Big libera donors sent cash infusions totaling some $500 million into Sente races across the country to destroy Republican incumbents and take back the Senate.” We saw a lot of that “dark money” in Alaska as Al Gross tried to smear Senator Dan Sullivan. Thankfully, Alaskans saw through his lies and voted for Sullivan.

            Democrats failed to defeat enough Republican Senators to take control of the Senate. However, they exposed their own weaknesses and allowed a peak behind the curtain.

They are now the party of the ultra-rich, at war with the middle classes, whom they write off as clingers, deplorables, dregs, and chumps.

In that context, the staggering amounts of money were a valuable marker. The liberal mega-rich are warning politicians that from now on, they will try to bury populist conservatives with so much opposition cash that they would be wise to keep a low profile.

Winning is not the only aim of lavish liberal campaign funding. Deterring future opponents by warning them to be moderate or go bankrupt is another motivation.

            Americans of every political party, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, sex, and age should be upset by what happened during this election. The integrity of our election was shattered by corruption. There is no reason why this kind of behavior should be taking place in our nation. This is what happens in Third World or communist countries – not the United States of America. Americans of all kinds and all ages should demand better elections!

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