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Sunday, November 15, 2020

What Is Happening in This Election?

             The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is the chaos known as the 2020 presidential election. In an ordinary presidential election, Americans would cast their votes either by mail or in person, the votes would be counted, and Americans would have a good idea as to who won the election by midnight. This did not happen in 2020!

            Just like the rest of the year, the 2020 presidential election took some unwanted, possibly illegal, hops. Some states sent ballots to every registered voter in their records. It did not matter if the voter had moved out of state, moved to a different address, or died. A ballot was sent to them without any accountability.

            On election night, President Donald Trump was well on his way to winning re-election by large margins when several key states stopped counting ballots. They just stopped for several hours! This has never happened previously in any election of which I am aware. When the states started to count ballots again, Joe Biden was suddenly thousands and hundreds of thousands of votes in the lead.

            It is difficult to know what to believe because there are so many versions out on the internet, but this is the version I heard last. Top attorneys for Trump claim that evidence of voter fraud is coming into their offices faster than they can take the information down. They also claim to have evidence enough to send people to prison. A computer, owned by a company in Spain but located in Frankfurt, Germany, was confiscated by an elite Army team sent from the United States. This computer held all the information from the election. There are claims that evidence shows hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of votes being transferred from Trump to Biden. The computer is also evidence of tampering in a U.S. election by foreign nations.

            This information appears to be supported by known results. There was no “blue wave” as forecast by pollsters. We know that it did not happen because the election is so close. We know that Republicans flipped three blue state legislatures to red. The last count I heard is that Republicans flipped twelve seats in the House of Representatives from blue to red. Republicans still hold control of the Senate.

Approximately 72,000,000 votes were cast for Donald Trump, the highest number that has ever been cast for an incumbent president or a Republican candidate. Higher percentages of black and Hispanic voters cast their votes for Trump than in any previous year. With all this happening, how did feeble-bodied, senile-minded, basement-dwelling Biden receive more votes than Barack Obama in his glory days? Things just do not add up to a Biden win.

There are investigations taking place in about six states. Investigators have until mid-December to discover what happened. However, this much we know because it is outlined in the Constitution: If the states cannot certify their vote totals, they cannot seat Electoral College electors. If the Electoral College cannot vote -- or if the Supreme Court rules the election null and void because of voter fraud – the election of the next President will be determined by the House of Representatives. This will all be determined by how the Justices on the Supreme Court view the evidence that is presented.

If the election goes to the House of Representatives, each state will have one vote. Twenty-six of the fifty states are Republican-controlled with twenty-four being Democrat-controlled. It is likely that the House of Representatives will re-elect Donald Trump in this case. Meanwhile, Americans are asked to stay calm and be patient.

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