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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Why the Rush?

             The media declared Joe Biden to be the “President Elect” on Saturday, and his supporters are demanding that he be given all the rights of an incoming president. The fact is that the media does not determine who becomes President of the United States – or any other elected office. The people vote for their choice of candidate, and the votes are counted.  When all the votes are counted, and the states certify their results, then the final step of the election takes place in the Electoral College.

            If the vote had been an overwhelming Blue Wave – as forecast by the same media figures – then Biden would have the right to the title of President Elect. As it is, he does not. He claims that “it is embarrassing” that Trump has not conceded. However, there is still a possibility – no matter how small – that Joe Biden will be the one embarrassed for counting his cards before the dealings done.

            As it is, there are five “swing states” where the winner has not been determined. There are enough questionable ballots and other activities that lawsuits have been filed by the Trump campaign. There is evidence in some states of dead people mailing ballots. We do not know how widespread this behavior is. Is it one ballot, or did all 21,000 dead people with names on the voters rolls mail in their ballots from their graves? We just do not know!

            The fact is that there are lots of stories going around on the internet, and lots of reports of affidavits being signed. There are also 70% of Republicans – the biggest portion of the 71,000,000 people who voted for Trump who believe that election fraud took place. We know that voter fraud takes place every election. Several of the states had problems determining who won their primaries in the summer of 2020. Did Democrats choose Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders, or were they railroaded into supporting Biden? We will not know about the election until investigations take place and the courts decide on the evidence.

            Meanwhile, all the national security information is kept away from Biden, Harris, and their selected cabinets members. This is a good move for our national security. Biden has no more right to the information than you or I have. We should be patient until the investigations are completed, and the evidence weighed by the courts.

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