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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

How Did Joe Biden Outperform All Other Elected Presidents?

            The mainstream media has declared Joe Biden to be the president-elect, and GSA is coordinating the transfer of power from Trump to Biden. American citizens are being asked to accept as fact that Joe pulled off an outstanding performance when compared to other elections. There are many questions that should be answered before the formal declaration of an election winner is made, such as the following.

·         How did Joe Biden, a man who spent most of the campaign in his basement, receive a record number of votes – more than any other president-elect in the history of the nation? Donald Trump gained more than 10 million votes over his 2016 victory, but Americans are being asked to believe that Biden’s appeal was even greater. In fact, Americans are expected to believe that Biden’s appeal was so much greater than Barack Obama’s that he received 15 million votes more than the celebrated first black President of the U.S.

·         How did Biden win the election without winning either Florida or Ohio? He is the first person to lose those two states and still win the election.

·         How did Biden win the election and still lose in almost every bellwether county in the nation? No previously elected president has ever done it.

·         How did Biden win the election and still trail Clinton in numbers except in certain Democrat-held cities in the swing states?

·         How did Biden win the election on the same ballot where most other Democrats lost?

·         How did Biden win the election after losing a good portion of the black and Hispanic votes?

The above questions all show that a Biden win was a miraculous accomplishment, something that could only happen with election fraud. There are other questions still hanging around waiting for an answer.

·         Why were the voting machines shut down on election night in only the swing states?

·         Why did all the machines stop at the same time and start again at the same time?

·         Why do Biden and Harris expect Americans to suddenly unify and accept his election? Democrats have never accepted that Trump won in 2016, and they have been causing division and hate in the country for four long rant-filled years?

·         Why should Americans believe that Democrats would run a fair and open election? They started talking about impeachment fifteen minutes after Trump was inaugurated, and they pulled every hoax possible trying to remove him from office.

All the above questions deserve answers, and plausible answers could help Americans

accept the validity of the election. The 74,000,000 Americans who voted for Trump want to know what happened and why. Even though conservatives do not loot stores and burn buildings, no one should expect them to quietly accept a stolen election.

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