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Thursday, November 19, 2020

What Do You Make of Today’s Press Conference?

            The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday is the simple fact that our elections must be free of fraud if we are to remain a free nation. I awoke this morning to news of a powerful press briefing by members of President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani led the briefing that lasted for more than 90 minutes as the team made serious accusations of nationwide fraud and announced overwhelming support for a Trump “landslide.”

            Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, took part in the press briefing and claimed that she has proof that Trump won in a landslide. Jenna Ellis, the Trump campaign’s senior legal adviser, indicated that the information presented at the briefing was the “opening statement” for the cases against fraud. Fred Lucas at The Daily Signal discussed six key claims made by the Trump campaign attorneys as follow. 

1. Giuliani claimed that “affidavits obtained by the president’s legal team will provide enough evidence to overturn the election.” He also said that the fraud was widespread and “was clear in Democrat-run cities in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. “We have more than double the number of votes needed to overturn the election in terms of provable illegal ballots” with “220 sworn affidavits from residents across multiple states.”

2. Powell claimed that “Trump Won in a Landslide” and that Dominion Voting Systems used in the election have the capacity to switch thousands of votes from one candidate to another. Dominion, of course, denies any part in the alleged fraud. She indicated that the reason that the fraud was discovered was the Trump “landslide.” There were more votes being made for Trump than anyone expected, so they stopped the count long enough to make more ballots for Biden.

3. Joe Biden made a “Freudian Slip” when he made a statement just days before the election: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” His supporters say, of course, that he misspoke and was speaking “about a voter protection program in his campaign.” Did he misspeak, or did the truth escape from his mouth?

4. Jenna Ellis noted that the term voter fraud may not be the best one to use. “When we talk about voter fraud, it’s actually election official fraud.” She added that it was state- and local-level officials all the way up that changed the rules rather than the state legislature as the Constitution requires. When asked if the country was on the verge of an electoral breakdown, Powell replied, “We’ve already had it,” but “the Constitution … has provisions in it for how you fix this.” This is one of the main reasons for the Electoral College.

5. Giuliani quoted “My Cousin Vinny” when describing how far Republican election observers were kept from the actual counting tables. “When the nice lady says [what] she saw and he says to her, ‘How many fingers do I got up?’ She says, ‘Three.’ Well, she was too far away to see it was only two.” Lucas explained that “Giuliani used the movie scene to capture the situation for election observers, who have the legal right to watch the counting process for mail-in ballots.” Giuliani continued by saying that 60 people have sworn under penalty of perjury that they were forced to stand back from the tables.

6. Ellis scolded the reporters for their “biased coverage and not understanding how legal proceedings work.” She said that “more evidence will come forward in court” and the briefing was only an “opening statement.” “We are not trying our case in the court of public opinion because if we were, we would get unbiased jurors. I would strike 99% of you from the jury, and I would be allowed to because of the fake news coverage you provide. You are not unbiased jurors.”

            I do not know what to think of the information presented. I watched bits and pieces of the information come out over the past few days, and I felt faint rays of hope that American citizens may be saved from Biden’s “long, dark winter.” However, I am skeptical because we have not yet seen any of the colluders on the Russian collusion fiasco brought to justice. General Michael Flynn is still waiting to be free from the claims of treason against him. John Durham has been investigating the Russian collusion hoax for months, and we have heard nothing from him.

            I believe that powerful men and women are conspiring to bring down Trump. They do not seem to care if they bring down the United States with him. We all endured the three-year investigation of the Russian hoax, the impeachment for a telephone call, and everything else that Democrat, RINOs, and fake conservatives threw at Trump. They must be terrified of the truth of their corruption coming out, and Trump is the only Republican willing to take on the fight.

In addition, I saw things with this election that I have never seen in previous ones – such as the vote count stopped in the middle of the night in key states and the election results flip to the other candidate. Something happened that was out of the ordinary, and I believe that we must determine what it was, why it happened, and who is responsible.

However, I know why many Americans wish that Trump would concede and go quietly into the night. If the election is ruled null and void and/or is overturned, the riots and destruction in this country will be worse than we saw over the summer or after the 2016 election. The radical left members of the Democrat Party use violence whenever they do not get what they want.

Even though 72,000,000 Republicans are angry about the idea that the election was stolen from Trump, none of us rioted, looted stores, or burned down buildings. Republicans just do not do that sort of thing because we are the party of law and order and not the party of destruction.

I certainly do not want another civil war in this country, but I know what happens when people get pushed too far. Everyone has a point when they will fight if pushed past a certain point, and Republicans have been pushed far and hard for years. This election could be the one push too many.

I hope that Trump keeps fighting to determine the integrity of election, not only for this election but for the future of the nation. I cannot imagine that Powell – or any of the other attorneys -- would put reputation and career on the line to lie about election fraud. They must have something, or they would not have made the statements. The question is, will it be enough?

If there was fraud, I hope that it is exposed for all to see, and I hope that the perpetrators go to prison for a long time. If there was no fraud committed and Joe Biden was elected fairly, I will be stunned but accept the results even though in mourning for my nation. At this point, I do not know what to think about the information that is coming out, but I continue to hope that it is true.


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