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Monday, November 23, 2020

Who Is Willing to Allow the Constitutional Process to Fully Work?

            My VIP for this week is a group of activists who refuse to allow the election to conclude until states get the counts right. Every legal vote should be counted. This coalition of activists – political, economic, and social – are members of the Conservative Action Project. They remain some of the few holdouts for a fair and free election result. As long as there are questions about the fairness and legality of the election and cases being filed in courts, all Americans should allow the Constitutional process to continue.

The mainstream media anointed Joe Biden as the “President Elect” two weeks ago even though millions of ballots remained uncounted in a close election. Democrats have been calling for Biden to be recognized and given appropriate access to national security and taxpayer funds. Republicans – including my own Senator Lisa Murkowski – joined the chorus this week, and today GSA started the proceedings.

However slim it may be, there is still a possibility that enough fraud can be shown to save our nation from a Biden presidency. I am grateful for all American who are standing with President Donald Trump as he strives to determine what happened with this election. Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III is the founding chairman of the Conservative Action Project. He and more than 100 other leaders in the conservative group signed a letter today. Part of that letter is as follows. 

Ours is a government of laws. Included in those laws are the processes by which elections at every level of government are conducted. The purpose of subjecting the election process to a legal regime is to ensure that results are, and are accepted as, just and accurate. This system works and all Americans should trust it. But, it must be allowed to fully work.

It is not a coup to insist that we follow our election laws. It does not erode the foundations of the republic to remind American citizens that the media does not certify elections. And it is not a stain on our national honor for a candidate to refuse to concede when there are open and compelling disputes about an electoral outcome.

            Becky Norton Dunlop, a former White House adviser to President Ronald Reagan, was one of the people signing the statement. She noted in an email sent to The Daily Signal, “The absolute integrity of each citizen’s legally cast vote for president is at stake in this presidential election.” She added a reminder that the determination of who won the 2000 election took over a month to decide. What is the hurry?


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