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Monday, November 16, 2020

Who Are the Heroes of the 2020 Election?

             I chose all the people who voted Republican for my VIP for this week. Instead of the blue wave forecast by pollsters, it appears that there was a red wave. The fact that so many Republicans down the ballot unseated Democrats makes a win for Joe Biden seem even more unlikely. It appears that most Americans oppose the policies of the Democrat Party, such as defunding the police, the Green New Deal, and socialism.

            It looks like the greatest gains for Republicans came in the House of Representatives. Republicans were forecast to lose 15-20 seats, but that scenario did not play out. “Republicans in Congress won every incumbent seat and 28 out of 29 competitive seats identified by the New York Times’ Nate Silver.” In addition, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) expects Republicans to flip 13 seats from blue to red. With ten contests too close to call, McCarthy is calling for every legal vote to be counted and every illegal vote to be discarded.

            Republicans kept control of all state legislatures in which they were the majority, and they gained control of three additional ones. Many of the new members of Congress are women. There may be enough Republicans in the House to keep Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from being elected Speaker once again – if the Democrats who voted against her last time continue to oppose her. Apparently, it will be a small number of Democrats needed – something like ten.


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