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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Are You Enjoying Biden’s “Long Dark Winter” Yet?

             Joe Biden said that America was heading into a “long dark winter” unless Donald Trump was voted out of office. The mainstream media spent four years lying about Trump and all the good policies that were put in place by the Trump administration. Therefore, Americans did not know that Trump’s “America First” made America better and safer. Biden has been in office for less than four months, and the United States is heading back into the cold, dark days of the Jimmy Carter administration.

            Trump put America and America’s allies first. Israel is the only democratic nation in the Middle East, and Trump made it plain that America stood with Israel. Trump cut funding to terrorist organizations, while making peace deals with several Arab nations. The Biden administration replaced the funding, and Hamas restarted war with Israel, sending more than 700 missiles into Israel is less than forty-eight hours. Trump brought peace to the Middle East, and Biden sent it up in flames.

            Trump promised to build a wall on the southern border of the United States, and his administration was able to build approximately 500 miles of strong fence despite Democrats fighting every step. The wall stops illegal immigration, but migrants are crossing the border in the places where there is no fence. More than 200,000 illegal aliens entered the United States in one month. There are estimates that more than two million migrants will enter America illegally during 2021. Trump had the southern border under control, and Biden opened the border and said everyone was welcome to come.

            Under the Trump administration, the United States became energy independent. In fact, we were not only independent, but we were also dominant in the field. We did not have to depend on our enemies for energy. Biden signed executive orders within the first week after inauguration to shut down the oil pipeline from Canada to the Texas coast and stopped expansion of drilling. America is no longer energy independent. Now we are back to the cold, dark days of the Carter administration with shortages of gasolines. Why? Because an enemy hacked into one of the main oil pipelines and shut it down. Gasoline prices have risen all over the nation and will continue to rise without plenty of oil. Trump gave us energy independence, but Biden is setting us back fifty years.

            Trump cut regulations and cut taxes. By making the cuts, he set the economy to soaring. The virus from China set us back, but Trump had a strong enough economy that it was coming back strongly. Then Biden came into office, and the economy is tanking. The federal government and state governments are paying people more for not working than they could make working full time. Therefore, businesses cannot hire the people that they need to open and be successful. Plus, Biden is raising taxes to pay for all the freebies that he is promising to America.

            Trump’s theme was “America First,” but Biden’s theme seems to be “America Last.” Trump worked hard for long hours every day for four years to make America better, and America was a much better place. The election of Biden was a huge mistake for the nation because he has brought great destruction to America in less than four months. I wonder if we will even recognize America at the end of the Biden administration.

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