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Monday, May 31, 2021

Who Is Rebekah Randall?

             My VIP for this week is Rebekah Randall, who is one of many parents who have acted against indoctrination of children in schools. According to Jonathan Butcher, Randall lives in Texas and has two children. She became incensed when her son’s teacher implied that school was the only place where children could be taught correctly about racial identity. 

            Butcher quotes Randall as saying that the teachers at the school had “twisted valuable lessons” about the way the people should be treated. She said that the teachers had been “putting race as the most important part of someone’s identity.” This concept is one of the main ideas of critical race theory. She told the teachers, “You are racializing children to identify one another.”

Randall later explained, “They have moved away from the academic rigor that they had.” She said that the teachers want to focus on “political correctness,” but she wants her children “to be learning academics” and “not to be protesting” for critical race theory. This mother took her children out of their school and found another one where teachers said that they did not teach critical race theory.

Supporters of critical race theory declare that critical race theory is necessary for correct understanding of race. The theory’s ideas are not as simple and harmless as they say. Butcher asked some good questions, such as why would parents remove their children from schools teaching critical race theory? If the ideas are so simple and harmless, why are teachers trying to hide them from parents? Butcher made some excellent comments.

Children should not have to spend their days considering how racial bias can be found in every lesson….

No one should be forced to participate in such blatant forms of discrimination….

Critical race theory’s “endgame” is conflict, as Zinn and other theorists describe. The protesters wondering why lawmakers are looking once more for ways to prevent discrimination need only to read their own brochures.

Or, sadly and altogether too often, their child’s homework.

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