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Sunday, May 2, 2021

What Do Liberals Fear in Arizona Election Audit?

             The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is election integrity. There were some strange happenings on Election Night 2020. The machines – which were supposed to be off the internet – in several states suddenly stopped counting votes in the middle of the night. Thousands of votes were added during the hours that the machines were stopped. Millions of people want to know what happened.

            The Republican legislature in Arizona wants their people to feel confident about the integrity of its elections. The election results in Maricopa County were questionable, so the legislature is conducting an election audit. Supposedly, no one knows what the results of the audit will be, but Democrat reactions to the audit is enlightening. The leftist media’s reaction seems to say that the audit will show that something was wrong. John D. O’Connor wrote the following about the media’s reaction to the Arizona audit. 

Media hyperventilation about the recently commenced Arizona audit is evidence that pro-Biden forces discern grave danger in the process.  They have known all along that an audit, not a court case, is the proper forum for detection of maladministration allowing improper votes.  If the media can portray the audit as being about nothing more than warmed-over voting machine paranoia, the yells of "conspiracy theory" will become even louder.  But if a credible evidentiary challenge to the results in Arizona can be strongly shown, the media will be soundly discredited, and with them their assurances of election legitimacy.

So it behooves the auditors and their sponsors to focus both on palpably wrongful voting and sufficient numerosity of suspect votes.  Such a result would not necessarily mean that the national election was illegitimate.  But it would give some support to that entirely reasonable inference.  At the least, it would dramatically demonstrate that, yes, our national election, especially in key urban areas controlled by Democrats, was so poorly administered, whether negligently or fraudulently, that radical reform is needed to ensure that this uncertainty never again occurs.  And yes, H.R. 1 would be a problem, not a solution.

One more conclusion that will be reasonably drawn if such an audit outcome is credibly proven: the major media were once again complicit in fraudulent partisan concealment of a major affront to our democracy, making their suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story just one leaf of their poisonous tree.  Indeed, they would be convicted by the jury of public opinion as one of the main culprits in the fiasco we call the 2020 election.

            The goal of the audit is election integrity, and all Americans should want integrity in the election. Yet, leftists – including the media – fight against audits. This looks like the election was not what it should be. If everything were honest and above board, leftists would not be so hysterical about the audit.

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