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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Was There Enough Fraud to Swing Elections?

             The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is election integrity. President Donald Trump has become “enemy #1” of the people – mostly Never Trumpers, Democrats, liberals, and socialists – because he continues to claim that he won the 2020 presidential election.

He may be right!

            Evidence is coming out that there was election fraud – enough to swing at least one state. The Arizona State Senate is auditing Maricopa County, and the audit is showing fraud. Dr. Kelli Ward, President of the Republican Party of Arizona, made the following statement: 

The Democrat plan for reengineering our country starts with open borders and open elections. Forget the rules, anyone can enter our country illegally, and if you ask for voter identification or try to stop phony mail-in ballots from being counted, or try to stop those dead people from voting, well, that is what those Democrats call voter suppression. And at this very moment, while the hand-counting of ballots continues, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes and legal action is imminent… And now Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer has revealed in a letter to voters that he learned that prior to his term a breach of voter identification information occurred last election cycle and is now being investigated by law enforcementIf I were a Democrat, I think I’d be in a frenzy myself. [Emphasis added.]

Ward was not the only person in Arizona to make a statement about election fraud. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann sent a four-page letter to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors this week. She demanded answers to “serious issues” that are resulting from the audit of the 2020 election. According to Alex Swoyer at The Washington Times, Fann told Jack Sellers, the Chairman of the Board, that county attorneys will not deliver internet routers – used during the election -- to be inspected during the Senate’s audit. She said that the county refuses to provide the passwords to enter vote tabulation devices. 

The letter also said that the contractors hired by the Senate have raised issues about “apparent omissions, inconsistencies, and anomalies relating to Maricopa County’s handling, organization, and storage of ballots.” The letter also noted that the inspectors discovered one database directory that was deleted from an election machine, removing details related to the election. “This suggests that the main database for all election related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed.”

            Fraud is showing up in states other than Arizona. According to The Washington Examiner, Officials in Republican-majority Antrim County in Michigan told a judge that they found 1,061 “phantom votes” while auditing the election. The officials initially reported that Joe Biden had gotten the most votes in the presidential race. Then they found tabulation errors, which showed that Donald Trump won the county. Human error was blamed, but two local citizens filed a lawsuit stating the election was manipulated the Dominion Voting Systems machines that tabulated the votes. 

            Matthew DePerno, attorney for William Bailey of Antrim County explained the problem. A recount in December showed 15,962 ballots, but the database for the Michigan secretary of state showed only 14,901 ballots. These means that there were 1,061 voters who are not on the voter rolls. DePerno also said that data shows nearly 100% of voters aged 65 to 80 turned out for the election and 20% of the ballots were sent to Post Office boxes.

Attorneys made arguments before Antrim County Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer in a virtual hearing on Monday over the scope of the ever-expanding lawsuit and whether to dismiss the case, in which both sides have issued dueling analyses. Defendants, which includes Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, say the plaintiff lacks standing and has already received everything he initially sought from the court. The judge said he will likely make a decision next week.

            A third audit is taking place in New Hampshire. U.S. News reports that the attorney general’s office announced that there will be an audit of the legislative election that has been controversial. The audit will begin on Tuesday and will review the results for four state legislative seats. Republicans won all four seats, but a Democrat requested a recount. The results showed that all four Republicans gained an additional 300 votes, but the Democrat lost 99. The discrepancy adds fuel to claims that the election process in America is not fair. 

            With discrepancies in the election process from Arizona to Michigan to New Hampshire, there are questions about the entire 2020 election. Did fraud cause Republican candidates for the Senate to lose? Democrats wanted total control badly. Did they want it enough to commit widespread election fraud?

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