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Friday, May 7, 2021

Why Are We Damaging the Future for the Rising Generation?

            Adults have the duty to prepare the rising generation to be responsible adults, but they also have the responsibility to leave a strong society for them to inherit. Liberals are intent on caring for the environment, but Americans are endangering the future of our children.

            Gary Shapiro says that our elected representatives “are imperiling our children’s future,” and he discusses four ways that they are endangering the future for the rising generation. 

1) Our Growing, Choking Debt

In 2022, the federal government will owe close to $30 trillion. Each Congress and president since Bill Clinton – the last president to balance a budget – has added trillions to our debt….

2) The Decline of Responsibility, Work Ethic

We have shifted from a national spirit and culture of self-reliance, with religious institutions and neighbors helping neighbors and backstopping communities, to federal policies that reward and encourage some of the very actions that break down the firmest foundations of America; namely, hard work and strong families.

[Employers are having a difficult time running their businesses because they have no one applying for their jobs. Yet, the unemployment rate remains high. People do not want to work because the federal government and some states are paying them more than they would make by working. Why should they work?]

3) The Loss of Civility and the Push Toward Extremes

Some political leaders are poor models for our children. They talk about bipartisanship and reducing spending, but care only about complete party domination. They ignore the other side.

Some of our national political leaders view their jobs as being to breed hatred of the other party. We effectively enable them as we choose our team or tribe, and many of us have become haters of the other side….

4) The Decline of Trust and Common Beliefs

Americans increasingly distrust each other and/or the government. Many Americans simply don’t believe the 2020 national election was conducted fairly.

Some believe the pandemic is a hoax, and many refuse to get the vaccine because they think it’s unnecessary or dangerous….

            Shapiro has the right to be sad and concerned about the conditions in our nation. There is violence nationwide, but the bad actors do not face the same justice system. Black Lives Matter (BLM) members have raged through our nation for nearly a year – burning, looting, and murdering. Very few of them were indicted and brought to justice. In fact, then-Senator Kamala Harris urged people to donate to BLM to get rioters released from jail.

Yet, the far-right Trump supporters -- who breached the Capitol but did not destroy the building or kill anyone – have sat in jail for the past four months. President Donald Trump was impeached and banished from Twitter and Facebook for “inciting violence.” However, nothing is said or done about Maxine Waters and other Democrats repeatedly call for violence.

Adults in America must do better to bring peace and unity to the nation. The answer is more than civility and tolerance. We must learn to love the people who oppose us politically. By doing so, we can strengthen our families, communities, and nations – and leave a better world for the rising generation.

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