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Monday, May 24, 2021

Who Is George Papadopoulos?

             My VIP for this week is George Papadopoulos. He worked on the Donald Trump 2016 presidential team and is a former member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Panel. He was framed by the Deep State who were trying to take out Trump, and he was featured heavily in Mueller’s report on the Russian Collusion Delusion. He was sentenced to 14 days in prison after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

            Papadopoulos is also an author and has a new book out, which is titled Deep State Target. He and his wife Simona Maniante were recently interviewed by Jordan Conradson at The Gateway Pundit.

            Conradson, Papadopoulos, and Maniante attended the “Revival Revolution Faith, Freedom and the Fight” rally that was held last Saturday in Glendale, Arizona. The interview took place after the rally.

            Conradson asked about the Deep State target on the back of Papadopoulos as well as the Italian connection to the whole investigation. Since Simona is Italian and worked in government in Europe, Papadopoulos asked her to speak on the Italian connection. Before she did, he elaborated on why there are questions about the investigation by John Durham.

Durham traveled to Italy where he learned a lot about this famous professor who was targeting me for a reason that has yet to be understood clearly, and that the ex-Italian foreign minister was the one that introduced this infamous professor to me, and it’s in Italy where John Durham’s probe became criminal.

            Simona explained that “all the roads lead to Rome and in this case, it’s true. I used to work for European Parliament and I happened to meet Joseph Mifsud many years before he even set George up with this bomb. She continued by explaining that she knew Joseph Mifsud “because of his connection with the Italian government and in particular, with the former head of a socialist group, who Mifsud was campaigning for … It’s clearly an intentional cover-up by the Italian government.

            Conradson asked “who blocked the info on his case from being released?” Papadopoulos said that it is “a complicated story” and suggested that people get his book if they want all the “details … in a chronological manner.” He continued with his explanation without the details.

Sydney Powell about two years ago had filed some sort of request and we learned that Mifsud’s phone is in the hands of the DOJ… We just don’t know where this person went, why he’s being hidden and who’s hiding him… They know exactly who this is. I think they’re waiting for it and they’re going to expose it. And, it’s going to come at the right time after some of this stuff with the audit comes out. That’s what I predict of course.

            Conradson asked if Durham is “real, or is he just another big lie?” Papadopoulos answered that “Durham is very real” in “my opinion.” He continued with his explanation.

I know who he has interviewed in October 2019. Specific guys with the U.S. intelligence community that should not have been meeting with me, this infamous Australian diplomat, we know he’s spoken to the Italians, to various governments. He has been working non-stop since 2019 where I think he got all the juicy info back then. Then Barr appoints some special council a month before Biden goes to the White House, and now Durham is simply, in my opinion like I said I don’t talk to Durham, he’s waiting for the right moment to expose what he has learned and I think it is going to be tantamount to conspiracy in the Obama Administration. I truly believe that. I think he is incredibly real and I would actually put my entire reputation on the line saying this… It’s going to be very interesting to see when and how that information comes out, how the media tries to deflect or cover it up.

            When Conradson asked if him if he had “an estimate of when that information might come out,” Papadopoulos replied, “I think by this summer we’re going to have a final conclusion on Durham.” He continued, “This thing can’t last forever but I just think he’s giving Biden over 100 days to start really dropping what he has. And if he has nothing, I’m on the record of saying I put my reputation on the line regarding Durham.”

            Conradson concluded that Papadopoulos and Maniante “are extremely confident about what we will find out and when we will find it.” However, they are “not so confident about what the fake news will say to cover up for crooked Obama and Biden.

            The bold and colored type was in the original. You can listen to the interview at this site.

“I think by This Summer We’re Going to Have a Final Conclusion on Durham” - Papadopoulos DROPS BOMB on the release of Durham report (VIDEO) (

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