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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Where Is the Proof that America Has Systemic Racism?

             School children are being taught that America was created on the backs of slaves and that our history began in 1619 with slavery rather than in 1776 with the Revolutionary War. Riots are raging about the racist inequality in America. Politicians claim that new election integrity laws are racist. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris claim that the nation has systemic racism. Where is the proof?

            Deroy Murdock wrote an interesting article focusing on the claims of systemic racism and immigration – both legal and illegal. I note that he is a black man just for a point of reference. He gave the following information, which is the most recent data from Department of Homeland Security. 

Between 2015 and 2019, 548, 891 African immigrants became permanent U.S. residents.

In 2020, these were the top 10 African sources for such new green card holders – plus each nation’s black population percentage, courtesy of the CIA “World Factbook.”

1. Nigeria: 12,247 individuals from a 99% black country.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo: 11,752; 100%.

3. Ethiopia: 5,461; 87.4%.

4. Ghana: 4,532; 98.5%.

5. Kenya: 3,063; 91.8%.

6. Eritrea: 2,845; 95%.

7. Cameroon: 2,747; 95.5%.

8. Somalia: 2,636; 85%.

9. South Africa: 2,372; 79.2%.

10.Sudan: 2,017; 70%.

Total: 49,672 permanent residents from 10 nations that are 90.1% black, on average. America’s population is 13.4% black.

            Murdock pointed out that there were more permanent residents to America in 2020 from each of these African nations than there were from Sweden – which is 82.3% white. He noted that a nation that is systemically racist would encourage white immigrants and discourage black immigrants – which was not the case.

Between 2015 and 2019, Caribbean green card awardees totaled 816, 522. They, too, swapped black-ruled islands for this allegedly racist superpower. Here is 2020’s top five snapshot:

1. Jamaica: 12,719 individuals; 92.1% black.

2. Haiti: 9,285; 95.5%.

3. Trinidad & Tobago: 1,656; 34.2%.

4. Bahamas: 549; 90%.

5. St. Lucia: 449; 95%.

Total: 24,668 new permanent residents from five nations that are 81.4% black, on average.

            Murdock again compared the permanent residents to America in 2020 from each of the Caribbean islands to those coming from Denmark with its 86.3% white population. Why were there more people from St. Lucia immigrating to “systemically racist” America than there were from white Denmark?

            Noting that it would be easy for a systemically racist nation to deny visas to black people, Murdock noted that the U.S. accepts hundreds of thousands of applications. The U.S. Embassy in each nation would simply deny the visa applications if America were systemically racist. He asked a good question: If America hated its black citizens so much, why would it allow more black people to immigrate? He then noted that legal immigration is not the only way that black people are coming to America.

Beyond legal immigration, which “system racism” could control, African and Caribbean illegal aliens keep running across America’s borders and breaking into this country without permission. Between 2015 and 2019, DHS apprehended 16,210 African illegal aliens, including 9,003 from the 10 nations analyzed above. During those years, 14,534 illegal aliens came from the five forementioned Caribbean states.

It’s much harder for “systemic racism” to control this illegal black influx. But beyond that, one wonders why these Africans and Caribbeans leave their majority-black nations to penetrate Earth’s supposed headquarters of anti-black bigotry.

Moreover, they do so while risking drowning in the Rio Grande, rattlesnake attacks, Gila monster bites, fatal dehydration amid cacti, and robbery and rape by human traffickers. Why would blacks overseas confront these dangers merely to be crushed beneath the cold, hard heel of America’s racist boot?

            Murdock made some great points! Why do black people from numerous nations that are mostly black come to “systemically racist” America? They obviously do not believe the big lie that America is “systemically racist.” They come to America for the same reasons that many other people come to America – for the same freedom and opportunities that America offers to people of all colors.

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