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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Is America Less Secure Than It Was Two Years Ago?

If you feel less safe than you did two years ago, there is a good reason. Senior U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials testified today that “America is increasingly less secure under President Joe Biden.”

Peter Brookes published an article in The Daily Signal with a summary of the remarks given before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Of course, these highlights as well as his analysis come from the unclassified testimony given by the director of national intelligence and the directors of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Are you concerned about national security yet? 


The People’s Republic of China, under President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, is a growing problem. It’s a near-peer competitor of the U.S. and the biggest foreign threat to U.S. national interests.

China is working to outpace the U.S. diplomatically, economically, militarily, and technologically….

To this end, “the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] will work to press Taiwan on unification, undercut U.S. influence, drive wedges between Washington and its partners, and foster some norms that favor its authoritarian system” ….


Everyone is aware of Russia’s year-old, unjust war on Ukraine and the wide-ranging repercussions of its aggression, including, as noted in the assessment, the scary possibility of “a military confrontation between Russia and the West.”

… Russia’s growing, potentially mutually beneficial relationships with China and Iran are also of concern.


Tehran is another major threat to American and international security with its long-standing support of terrorism, including its hosting in Iran of the new head of al-Qaeda and dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons….

North Korea

You don’t hear much from the White House these days about the Kim Jong Un regime and its threat to U.S. interests and to those of our allies (e.g., Japan and South Korea) and friends, but we should.

According to the intelligence community’s threat assessment, Kim is “continuing efforts to enhance North Korea’s nuclear and conventional capabilities targeting the United States and its allies, which will enable periodic aggressive actions to try to reshape the regional security environment in his favor.” …

As noted by Brookes, the above information came from the unclassified portion of the hearing. The directors shared more information in a closed session. We will most likely never hear much about what is said in the classified briefing. However, Brookes recommends that everyone “take the time to watch the hearing and/or read the testimony. Just make sure that you’re sitting down.”

I would like to remind all the Trump haters out there that the United States went four years without serious threats from any of the four rogue nations listed above. “Little Rocket Man” from North Korea talked big about attacking the United States, but he stopped when President Donald Trump reminded him that he [Trump] had a bigger red button. Then Trump went to North Korea to visit Kim Jong Un, and we never heard anything more from North Korea while Trump was in office.

I would also like to remind Trump haters that Putin invaded other countries during the George H. Bush administration, the Barack Obama administration, and the Joe Biden administration. However, Putin behaved during the Trump administration. Under Trump, the United States went four years without fighting in any war and even brought military personnel home – although we did make strategic strikes to take out terrorists. In addition, both Iran and China behaved themselves during the Trump administration.

I am proud to say that I did not vote for the clown that currently resides in the White House. He is now officially the worst President of the United States that I have known. If you voted for him, you are getting exactly what you voted for. However, the rest of us are suffering because we have a terrible POTUS for whom we did not vote!

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