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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Should Biden and Cabinet Secretaries Be Impeached?

The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is the main reason for the United States Constitution – to control the government and to protect the citizens from the government. The government continues to grow more corrupt as time passes, and Representative Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) is calling out the present administration during an interview with Samantha Aschieris from The Daily Signal at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday. 

Bishop first mentioned Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: “The thing about Secretary Mayorkas, first, is that he’s just utterly flouted American immigration law.” He continued:

There’s a laundry list of statutes that he has explicitly disobeyed. That is high crimes and misdemeanors. You got to build consensus within a Republican conference. Some want to use a light touch on these things all the time. A lot of people say, “Well, if we can’t, we’re not assured that the Senate will convict, and it’s in Democrat hands, why would we do any of it?”

There are reasons to do it, but we’ve got a process to go through, marshal the evidence, conduct the hearings in public and, if it leads in the direction and all the evidence adds up when you’ve done it in a real rigorous way like that, do you move forward with impeachment? I think so.

Mayorkas is not the only member of the administration on Bishop’s list. He suggested that President Joe Biden and other members of the cabinet should also be impeached. Bishop explained his thinking:

It’s a matter of degree and political judgment when you exercise the remedy of impeachment. But it goes right to President Biden. I mean, and I’m not, I think none of us are unaware of that. There are those who would question whether or not it is a good expenditure of political capital to, for example, pursue an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

I can name a long list of things that he’s done that are fundamentally unconstitutional: the vaccine mandate … the rent subsidies and the moratorium on landlords back in the pandemic that he extended. [Another matter for Bishop is the potential treaty between the U.S. and the World Health Organization, and its impact on national and state sovereignty.]

There are things that Biden has flouted law also over and over, and you can take any number of his cabinet secretaries and say the same thing applies.

I think the important thing about Mayorkas one is it’s one of the clearest, most obvious, most recalcitrant, most brazen examples of defiance of law in a role where he’s required to execute law with the results that are most dramatic, compelling and destructive to the American people, the very fabric of our society. He’s a good place to start. Where it goes? I don’t really say there’s a limit to that.

Other Republican lawmakers are calling for impeachment of Mayorkas, with Representative Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) having already introduced articles of impeachment against him. Congress is holding hearings on the border crisis.

I think that impeachment of any member of the current administration is a waste of time and money because the Senate will never vote to remove them from office. I think that the only way to get rid of them is to vote Democrats out of office.

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