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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Why Are Asian-Americans and Oregon Counties Leaving Democrats?

The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns a movement away from leftist policies. Rumors are that even former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bought a home in Florida.

San Francisco has been a home of progressive politics for many years, but Asian-Americans are being alienated by radical, far-left politics. This is a bad thing for San Francisco because Asian-Americans make up one-third of the residents of the city. The growing “discontent” among the Asian-American community is shaking up the politics of San Francisco, according to Kyung Lah, a CNN national correspondent. Chris Enloe published the following in an article at 

Community organizer Forrest Liu recently spoke with Lah about the sentiment within his community. He explained that Asian-Americans awoke to the reality of their city when the COVID-19 pandemic hit three years ago. That’s when his community learned they were not as safe as they though, that city leaders did not listen to them, and progressive politics had ruined the education system.

Allene Jue, a mother who supported the ouster of three far-left school board members, explained in no uncertain terms why Asian-Americans are abandoning the Democratic Party.

“I think they have gone too extreme to the left,” she told Lah of Democrats. “I think we need to get back to the basics and focus on making sure that the cities are safe, making sure we have high-quality education.”

Jue explained, “I know of folks that have traditionally voted Democrat that are now voting Republican because they do not feel that the Democratic Party is representing them.”

Enroe wrote that civil rights attorney Charles Zhang agreed that Democrats have problem with the Asian-American community, calling the San Francisco phenomenon as a bellwether for Democrats nationally. “You saw a substantial double-digit erosion of support from Asian-Americans from this midterm election to 2018, and, incidentally, it’s not just Asian-Americans. You saw the same something among Hispanic voters,” Zhang told Lah.

In addition to the Asian-Americans in San Francisco and Hispanics across the nation leaving the Democrat Party, the leftist policies of Oregon are pushing eleven rural counties in Oregon to seek secession into “Greater Idaho.” They recently voted to support ballot measures to begin discussions about the possibility of secession. The more conservative residents of the Eastern counties “are frustrated with Portland’s politics and no longer feel that the state is unified,” according to Candace Hathaway in her discussion of this problem in another article published at “Oregon has not elected a Republican governor in 40 years.” 

Corey Cook, an eastern Oregon resident, told a reporter for [the New York Times], “To say that I’m an Oregonian is a geographic truth, but it doesn’t really have meaning to me the way that it did before I lived in eastern Oregon.”

“Oregon is not a unified state to me any more,” Cook stated.

James Nash, a Marine Corps veteran and eastern Oregon resident, told the Times, “Eastern Oregon largely gets treated as western Oregon’s playground.”

The “Greater Idaho” movement has gained traction with residents fed up with the west’s radical, left-leaning policies. The movement seeks to incorporate 13 Oregon counties within Idaho’s borders.

If the secession measure were to pass, Idaho would gain 63% of Oregon’s landmass and 9% of its population.

Will Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to appease the Progressives and Democratic Socialist who are pushing him left and lose more blocks of voters? Or will Democrats see “the writing on the wall” and make changes in their policies? One thing is sure: they will continue to lie on everything that they can. 

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