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Friday, March 17, 2023

Where Are the Real Men Who Stand to Protect Women?

Families, communities, and nations are stronger when the rights of women are protected. Title 9 was established to protect female athletes, but the rights of women and girl athletes have been tromped on for several years by biological males who decide to identify as females. Female athletes have started to stand up for their rights, and they were recently joined by three accomplished male athletes.

Nick Lee, Chris Bray, and Michael Cleugh recently joined the fight. In an article posted at The Daily Signal, Andrea Mew described the three men as being “Unafraid of backlash, retaliation, or cancellation.” So, who are these men? Lee is a recent graduate of Pennsylvania State University’s Nittany Lion Division I wrestling team, Bray is a former pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, and Cleugh is a former Long Beach State University All-American volleyball player and NCAA champion. 

Lee spoke at Independent Women’s Forum and declared that it is discriminatory for males identifying as “transgender women” to participate in female sports. The three men are also concerned about biological women identifying as males sharing locker rooms and showers with males. “They say that biological differences in the sexes pose far too many competitive advantages for men and those policies blue the lines between male- and female-only spaces, breaching the privacy of all athletes.”

It is nice to have the three men stand up for female athletes. We need more men to recognize their duty to protect women and join the battle to keep biological men out of women’s sports and biological women out of men’s locker rooms. When we protect the rights of both men and women, we strengthen families, communities, and nations.

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