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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Should Joe Biden Be Impeached?

The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday concerns President Joe Biden and his alleged corruption. David Horowitz is a conservative publisher, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and best-selling author of several books. An article at Daily Wire reports that Horowitz believes that Biden should be impeached for several reasons, including “allowing deadly fentanyl to flow across a porous Mexican border, bungling the COVID pandemic by being weak on China, and botching the pullout from Afghanistan.” 

“The list of such cover-ups to protect the Chinese Communist dictatorship is long and depressing,” Horowitz writes on the site, which is published by his Freedom Center. “It includes the White House’s stonewalling of congressional efforts to investigate the origins of the pandemic that killed 9 million people globally. It includes similar stonewalling on otherwise inexplicable blunders that turned Afghanistan and its hapless citizens over to the Taliban and China, along with seven multi-billion-dollar air bases and tens of thousands of advanced weapons, and that made hostages of those who helped us during the 20-year war.”

Horowitz points out that nearly as many Americans as perished in World War II have died in the last several years form fentanyl supplied by China and smuggled into the U.S. by Mexican cartels.

“These attacks have taken place without America’s commander-in-chief issuing a single protest or threat against the governments of Mexico and China, even though his primary responsibility is the protection of American lives,” Horowitz writes.

Combining the incompetence shown in the Afghanistan withdrawal with the millions of lives lost to COVID-19 and the American deaths from fentanyl shows problems with our Commander in Chief. However, when those problems are combined with the fact that Joe Biden’s son is raking in millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and Russia adds the element of corruption to incompetence.

I believe that the Biden should be impeached for incompetence and corruption. However, impeachment of Joe Biden would make Kamala Harris the POTUS. She has an even worst competency record. If we could impeach BOTH Biden and Harris, America may be better off. However, impeachment of Joe Biden would only take us from one incompetent and corrupt POTUS to a worse situation with Harris. It puts the U.S. in a difficult position – between a rock and hard place! The best way to bring the United States back from the edge of destruction is to vote all the Democrats and RINOs out of office and bring in more Constitution-supporting conservatives.

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